Friday, March 30, 2012


That should set a few tongues wagging. Mainly because if you even think about accusing me of any form of racism I'll smack you in the mouth. Racism's bad, m'kay...

I just enjoy phonetic phunnies.

Well, the dust has settled and far from being allowed to put our feet up and relax, reflect and reload, another day presents another set of opportunities to get our pahtay awn. So much so that I can't even pop in for a drink with my oldest friend on holiday from Old Blighty - although I'm gonna try my damnedest.

The rain is making me change my mind. I think a cozy night in with the Hot Girlfriend and some bullshit movies is the smart thing to do. After whatever culinary concoction creates itself tonight. And speaking of, last night's Dinner Club was a raging success. I can't figure out if the entirely empty serving dish was because the food was that good or if I didn't make enough. Either way, high fives! For myself. I'm very "self reliant" that way.

Tomorrow might just also involve staying under the covers. The continuing of building of walls can wait. But I do think I owe it to myself to take in the Sleepers show that's happening at ROAR. It's been a while and I'm jonesing something awful.

In other news, I am growing a beard. It has become evident that certain things have changed as I've grown older. I'm not talking about the boep or the ear hairs (this time) either. In order to remain relevant and "youthful" it seems that certain criteria have become paramount. Today everyone is sporting skinny jorts, an Emo-fringe, a retro-anarchic-pseudo-sarcastic tshirt or a lumberjack beard. Since I'm obviously not a hipster and have no touchy-touchy-man-man tendencies, it looks like the beard it is! Suits the crap out of me, since I hate shaving with a vengeance. I prefer shaving with an electric razor. But even that gets tiresome. I'm just grateful face fuzz has now not only become an accepted social norm (making everyone look like members of Supertramp) but is now ardently encouraged among the young and groovy, lending a less decrepit slant to this old geezer's appearance.

I'll be at your local mall the whole of December, allowing small children to sit on my lap.

In one more 'tit bit' of news, our hearts and support go out to Mr Blackheart in this, his most trying hour. He saw something this morning that may have caused temporary heart failure and most certainly caused multiple permanent fapping injuries.

NGDG: "I like it when old friends drop by. I'm contemplating becoming akin to landed gentry of the belle epoque with an open house on a given weekday for social calls. Which day exactly pends analysis."

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