Thursday, September 19, 2013


Yes it does! And it's glorious! Are you ready to, like TOTALLY cream your sheets?

In my annual assurance to all of you that I am a real boy and that I actually do play the guitar and I'm not making it all up on the off chance that someone will be suitably impressed and offer me a backstage blowjob I'll have to politely decline, I am once again taking to the stage. Along with my cohorts-in-arms in AXXON, we bring you SHOCK THERAPY... We are going to delve deep into your psyche, rearrange your mental faculties, make your skin crawl with itchy discomfort, send claw-on-mirror shivers down your twitching spine and generally put you so ill at ease that the bar is set to achieve record sales. And that's just the intro to the set...

After that, prepare to get lost in the melting pot that is AXXON's eclectic, electrifying sonic overload. The Little Teapot is unable to shake her shit on the stage with us on the evening, but her tiny boots (huge shoes, actually...) will be very capably filled by your favourite and mine, Wikkle Poon. If all these pseudonyms are confusing, perhaps you're going to have to come along to the show and decipher my cryptic clues for yourself!

We will also, as always, be bludgeoning our subtle barrage of bleeding beats and surreptitious sussuration into your fragile, bent cranial cavities courtesy of all the top gear supplied by our ever-steadfast sponsors, the delightful people at Paul Bothner Music.

Not only that, but we're joined on this very special night by our fellow industrialists, the tumultuous, terror-inducing TERMINATRYX and the off-kilter expressionism of Tannhäuser Gate. Don't be late. This is an evening not to miss.

And just to be sure, if you're lucky, and you can get close enough to the bar (it being so jam-packed, you know...) you're in for a treat. The Brother-In-Awe should be sufficiently lathered by the end of the show for your dessert performance, a spectacle you do NOT want to miss!

So, make yourself ready for a night of mad, medicinal, monstrous, maniacal music.

NGDG: The French have banned beauty contests for under-16s. Apparently half the contestants ran away and the remainder collaborated with the judges.

Spread The Love. Shock Therapy.

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