Thursday, November 25, 2010

Festival Of Beer

Now we know how and why religions start - and why they always have their own festivals. Just saying.

I've been very slack. My excuse is as follows. Documenting my last month or 2 and the kak I've had to go through is something I'd rather not share. Simple, innit?

I will tell you this though. I have done very well in the "drinking myself into sweet oblivion and thereby numbing any anguish I might otherwise have felt" stakes.

Your guess is as good as mine as to how far this current phase is going to last. Personally I think I'm getting to the "cult" status. Perhaps this weekend's FESTIVAL OF BEER might be just the thing to finally tip my boozing into the mystic realms of actual religion...

Personally, I recommend to any potential parishioners of my budding new faith the exquisite Napier Bier that'll be available over the weekend. Also a good friend of mine, known simply as JDP, brought me some Darling Beer recently, and it was quite good I must say.

Ok, it's not a budding new faith. It's a deep seated obsession and medicinal crutch.

So, see you at the Festival. I'm going Swaggart on yer ass! Plus I'm probably going to die -and find out just how successful my bid to turn alcoholism into "afterlife-like" religion- was or is. More info here:

Spread the love. By the tankard.