Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Urgh. It's official. I will never learn.

Last night I was in a fight. With Black Label Draught. It kicked my arse.

YourLMG and Mercury conspired to organise the mother of all music quiz nights. Our team of lovable delinquents finished third out of 20 participating teams! Third is the new last. There were prizes for the top 2 finishes. Bugger. Only prize I got was this monumental hangover.

Thanks to all involved and especially all in Team Burger King. \m/

Spread the love. Quietly.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Wow! Would you look at the awesome design work here. This is the official poster/flyer design for the LOVECATS event. Done by my mate Stephen Green http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=728745420

And he didn't complain once what all my to and fro and making adjustments, etc. The patience of Job and the talent of Michelangelo I tell you!

The beautiful ladies are the respective lead singers of the 3 bands that are performing on the night - DO NOT miss out! They were photographed by the mad and talented Dr-Benway http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=5566143106 and this all happened at Rooiwolf Studios http://www.rooiwolfstudio.com/

So much has been given by so many in order to make this event possible. Please go and check out their work. And see you there!
Spread the luuurve good 'n' thick.

Monday Monster Moan

Hangovers. Crikey. Hangovers...

DSW birthday party on Saturday night. Went as a polar bear. Wore a white hoodie and white long johns. No one got it. The theme was "opposites". Maybe I'm too mysterious or subtle. Maybe people are dumb shits.

Saturday morning was greeted in the way I imagine I would greet the Grim Reaper one day. Crusty eyed and feeling like sewerage inside and out. Out into the blazing sun I strode and thought of offing myself. Must have still been drunk because next thing you know I'm off to C-Anal Walk. Don't ask. I don't know the answer.
But there I did behold a thing of rare wonder. Summer is here folks. All the girlies were prancing about in skimpy little shorts. It was glorious! Quite naturally my eyes were pulled in several directions at once, until they fell on the sight of sights.
A cell phone being carried around tucked snugly between two perfectly perky breasts. I tell you - it made my day! What an awesome concept.

Moving on.
Attempted a potjie last night. Success! So now, like most SA males, I hereby declare myself an expert. Celebrated the monumental success of the potjie with too much wine.

The cycle continues...

Spread the love in a consensual and responsible manner. And book you Lovecats ticket at computicket.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love this shirt!

As usual - the title and picture of this blog have bugger all to do with the content...

Today I am reminded of all those people that buggered off in search of greener pastures. Whilst it IS true that we have some difficulties to overcome in our fair land, none of these has yet to overwhelmingly affect yours truly, so is the grass really greener on the other side?

But that's not the point of this post. I am looking forward tremendously to the return, albeit only for a holiday, of 2 of the nearest and dearest of these far away friends early next year.

I have already started planning activities and rounding up the locals to make sure their participation is guaranteed. Well, I thought we'd go wine tasting at Steenberg. That's about it so far...

In the not so distant future, I have a friend from the Big Shitty (Jhb) visiting which I am also looking forward to - should be an epic weekend (same as the one Lovecats is on - see below).

In other news, it is the other half of the Demonic Sibling Wolfpack's birthday today - Happy Snotty Birthday! Party of epic proportions planned for the weekend, with a theme of "opposites". What the fuck am I supposed to wear for opposites? The last time someone went vague with their fancy dress suggestion, I ended up going as a box of chocolates with red fishnet stockings on...