Sunday, February 27, 2011


Pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words. Whilst this particular picture is probably slightly less verbose than that, I think it adequately sums up my outlook right now...

AND, in the spirit of the Cricket World Cup, where nations from all around the globe get together to do noble battle with bats n balls, I have welcomed one of my closest friends for a visit. She emigrated to New Zealand about 6 years ago. It is a battle. I haven't been this consistently hung over in many moons. Today's weather forecast puts us at a pleasantly balmy 37C here in the mother city. If only expiring were an option...

So. It's been a while. I have once again been under the radar for various reasons, but am glad to report that I'm back to my usual stroppy self. Finally. Also, I have been on leave, which is always nice. Among other things, I have been on a roadtrip that took in Hermanus, Gansbaai, Stanford and Napier (Suntouched Inn - 5 star resort - 5 star people - highly recommended). My New Zealand friend (let's call her Snorkels) and I have been to some of the most awesome wine farms and generally had a really splendid time adventuring about. In the way you do when taking "out of towners" around, but never do in the normal course of events.

We even played putt-putt and rode the children's train at Mouille Point. Do it - it's loads of fun.

Drinking on a school night should come with a bright red warning label... But when one has the opportunity to share said drinks with one Tequila Tart (or as her real friends know her, Futtom) then one must make hay.

Which brings me conveniently to my next point (pint?). Next weekend is RAMfest. A highlight in this social butterfly's calender. I am starting early and building up prayer credits that I make it through this year's festivities and frivolities alive. Will I ever learn? Probably not...

Also next weekend marks the return of Cape Town's prodigal daughter. According to the buzz on the ether, this is something a lot of people are anticipating with much glee. TLC, hope your trip back home is safe and you get here in one piece.

Now all I have to do is think up imaginative ways of staying alive through today until I can get home and flop down into a late afternoon coma.

Spread the love. Preferably on a consenting hottie.