Friday, April 22, 2016



RIP Prince, the artist formerly known as many, many things. Genius, chief among these.

A good friend of mine commented that you couldn't get a word in edge ways with all the clamour from the trillions of Prince super fans the globe over. And he's right. But whilst no doubt he touched the lives of many, I reckon most of you would be hard pressed to mention songs beyond Purple Rain, Doves Cry, Kiss, Seven, or Cream. Rasberry Beret? What does Malema have to do with any of this?

Allow me to make a few simple observations:

  1. Were it not for some thieving, conniving, bitch in high school I'd still have the majority of his collection. She was gorgeous so she got away with it.
  2. Tom Jones is the anti-Christ for killing Kiss!
  3. I actually owned a purple paisley button shirt in highschool.
  4. I have an original copy of the Black album, which was recalled immediately after it was initially released.
  5. The singular best cover I've ever seen performed live was when Andy Lund, Anton Marshall and Art Perreira did an impromptu rendition of 'Purple Rain'. Brought the house down.
  6. I have a guitar named after one of his lewder songs...
  7. Once, after enduring 'Purple Rain' being played over and over and over and over without respite (for days...) by Bennie in my army digs, I decided enough was enough and blasted him with some 'Gothic'. I returned to find all my belongings chucked out of the bungalow. Bennie was a dick. But I stole the chick he fancied, so fuck him...

Well that's it really. I was a big fan. Until I discovered Paradise Lost and my musical interests got decidedly darker. Nevertheless, to one of the greats, you may be gone, but your memory will live on, despite the fickle nature of social media's self appointed custodians.

"And I Saw An Angel Come Down Unto Me, In Her Hand She Holds The Very Key..."

Spread The Love. Let's Go Crazy.


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