Monday, January 24, 2011

Mundane in the membrane.

Ok, so in order to maintain some level of interest in this here blog, I suppose I'd have to post more posts. So in the spirit of being more prolific, and hopefully not cutting back too much on the quality of the ramblings, here we go...

The first few weeks of the year so far have been quite interesting. What with Buddy Boy securing accommodation in the EXACT same flat I shared with Thelma&Louise (Thelma-Thoul-To-Thatan and the eczema-ridden jerk she ran off with), the revelation that another is close to closing the marriage deal, the awesome news that great friends of mine are preggers, the general acceptance that I have to work for a living and the instigation of a really cool music appreciation society, it's been HECTIC!

So we're well and truly back into the swing of things now that all the parents are back at work as well. Looking forward to my holidays already... But before that, there are so many exciting things happening. This weekend is the Southern Ink Exposure Tattoo Convention. Mentioned in my previous post. So now I am going, must stay off the sauce - might walk out with directions to the lavatory tattooed on my forehead.

Looking forward to the week. Tonight is our traditional band practice/dinner party suipathon. Very successful last week - managed to write a beautifully bleak number, which - at least in our wine soaked revelry - sounded freakin' awesome.
Football has also started. Oh my Effing G! Thursday I was skinned by a 52 year old all afternoon, but not wanting to give in I persisted with the lung-crushing, dizziness-inducing pirouette of death as he ran circles around me. Needless to say the loss to the small balding fellow, the old guy and their buddies wasn't met with a great amount of joy. Mainly because we were all laid out and gasping for air...
And then there's work. The most challenging thing is to regain any momentum or motivation I ever had. I'm sure it'll come, just getting there is like getting into the pool. Rad once you're in, just a mission to overcome that first hurdle.

Friday is going to be better than most Fridays.

Spread the luuurve. Sounds like a good plan...

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