Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to the Year of the Lepretic Badger.

Badger, beaver, weasel, whatever...
So here we are. A new year, pregnant with possibility and brimming with all sorts of stupid resolutions...

I personally don't make any, since I have the drunken imagination to inflict nigh impossible restrictions on myself in the form of lifestyle altering resolutions and virtually no follow through. I already gave up smoking on a whim a year and a half ago. And I've had a moratorium placed on my sex life due to the unfortunate combination of suddenly finding myself single and being very picky between bouts of ill-advised alcohol fuelled ogling (which, incidentally is a very ineffectual way of getting laid...)

So I'm not giving up on anything. In fact, this year I may just take up a new vice. Nothing drastic, maybe get my first tattoo. I find myself under immense pressure to do so, the world being what it is - and the people in it the sheep they are. Maybe I shouldn't get too pissed at the Southern Ink Exposure Tattoo Convention. The jury is in fact still out as to whether I am going to attend. We'll see. All in the name of new vices...

Which brings me back to where I was going in the first place. When the fuck did "responsibility" replace "rock n roll"? Huh? What happened to balls-to-the-wall, tits-up, wall-to-wall debauchery without the consequences? Or - at the very least - why and when did I start caring?

Anyway. Welcome to a brand new year. As decreed by the Romans. Did you know the Romans were crazy? At least they provided us with the aquaduct.

Spread the love. In new and imaginative ways.

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