Thursday, May 28, 2015


It's my blog - it doesn't have to have anything to do with the content.
Although, there is a pavement in there.

People = Shit.
We all know that, thank you Corey Taylor.

But why, in the name of all you lot hold dear, in the area of Sea Point so close to Fresnaye every second car is a Lexus, is there shit strewn all over all the pavements? I hope it's dog shit...
Are we protesting our good fortune? Or do we really just not care enough; or mind that we're literally knee deep in the kak? Have we become so cut off from our surroundings that we kind of just accept this as the norm? Pass me my acoustic guitar, for fuck's sake. Morrissey was right.

Well, yesterday took a turn for the decidedly worse. I got so bored I actually couldn't even finish this worthless attempt at brightening your day (above). Colgate, I ain't. At lease SUBVERS had a ton of fun at band practice. It's awesome to be able to jam tunes you love with people who enjoy it as much as you do. Not to mention the other shenanigans of which you will no doubt shortly see the results. But I'm not telling...

Shall we then sink our teeth into the country's current ails?
First of all, I realise it's yesterday's news (see above), but that oke Zuma is taking everyone for a royal p**s again. It borders on admirable the way he gets away with it time and time again. The real criminals are you and I, the people who know better, complain, and somehow find ourselves powerless to do anything about it. Or him. Nkandla? Fuck you. We'll sweep that shit under the carpet. Again. Smirk Smirky McSmirk Smirk. Marikana...? Once again, delay tactics. That's the first and most blatant give away. If someone is in the kak they stall and stall (see what I did there?). Have you ever known a politician to deny him or herself the opportunity to tell everyone how shiny, squeaky clean, virtuous and innocent of any wrong-doing they are? Nope. Much as I despise trial-by-media, this bumbling buffoon is taking you all for the biggest tits and we sit meekly by and whinge and wail. Perhaps we'll inherit the earth after all. What's left of it.

While we're at it, you didn't reeeeally believe we just got handed the 2010 FIFA World Cup because we, like, totally deserved it, did you?

And with that, I have conveniently run out of shit to talk. But chin up (said the director to the starlet), and take heart in the sure knowledge that we're all working hard behind the scenes cooking up something utterly glorious for you.

And speaking of cooking, tonight we celebrate the commencement of my and my Brother-In-Awe's birth month. With a hearty slap-up at dinner club. Commander Conker will also be in attendance, as will his beautiful bride Rose Thorn, both of whom are also part of this salubrious celebration. This could get ugly. Especially when you add a pinch of Tarty Farty Tequila Party, a dash of Slappy, juuuust enough Hot Girlfriend, and allow the better half of the DSW to stir it all into a great big merriment pie.

Spread The Love. I Should Introduce You To Kim Some Time.

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