Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Monster Moan

Hangovers. Crikey. Hangovers...

DSW birthday party on Saturday night. Went as a polar bear. Wore a white hoodie and white long johns. No one got it. The theme was "opposites". Maybe I'm too mysterious or subtle. Maybe people are dumb shits.

Saturday morning was greeted in the way I imagine I would greet the Grim Reaper one day. Crusty eyed and feeling like sewerage inside and out. Out into the blazing sun I strode and thought of offing myself. Must have still been drunk because next thing you know I'm off to C-Anal Walk. Don't ask. I don't know the answer.
But there I did behold a thing of rare wonder. Summer is here folks. All the girlies were prancing about in skimpy little shorts. It was glorious! Quite naturally my eyes were pulled in several directions at once, until they fell on the sight of sights.
A cell phone being carried around tucked snugly between two perfectly perky breasts. I tell you - it made my day! What an awesome concept.

Moving on.
Attempted a potjie last night. Success! So now, like most SA males, I hereby declare myself an expert. Celebrated the monumental success of the potjie with too much wine.

The cycle continues...

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  1. Should've popped over on Sunday to fetch that video. I woulda scored potjie and wine as well. Damn!!!