Monday, October 18, 2010


Wow! Would you look at the awesome design work here. This is the official poster/flyer design for the LOVECATS event. Done by my mate Stephen Green!/profile.php?id=728745420

And he didn't complain once what all my to and fro and making adjustments, etc. The patience of Job and the talent of Michelangelo I tell you!

The beautiful ladies are the respective lead singers of the 3 bands that are performing on the night - DO NOT miss out! They were photographed by the mad and talented Dr-Benway!/group.php?gid=5566143106 and this all happened at Rooiwolf Studios

So much has been given by so many in order to make this event possible. Please go and check out their work. And see you there!
Spread the luuurve good 'n' thick.

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