Friday, December 14, 2012


I don't really feel like writing anything today. Not because I'm down in the dumps, because I'm scared.
Tomorrow has been earmarked as the day on which I do my Christmas shopping. In a "mall". With people. Well, "people" is a term used with some poetic licence.

If I manage to get through the ordeal without a criminal record, I promise myself a nice cold beer. Hell, if I get home today without any incident, I promise myself a nice cold beer as well! In fact, the list is long and varied! Well, it's long weekend - let the relaxing almost begin. Most people treat this weekend as the very last exclamation mark capping off the very, very last week in which anyone does any work whatsoever. So I guess we can officially declare this bazaar open? I wonder if they'll have that delightful opaque pink wobbly pudding and Tombola. I love Tombola.

If I was a reporter who reported on stuff like Church bazaars, my screen name would be Tom Bola.

I'd wear a hat.

So. It's Irreverent Friday. And the only newsworthy thing that has happened is the untimely and unfortunate demise of everyone's favourite (well, those of us who can read....) satirical news site, the beloved It is with a tear of genuine sadness in my eye that I big adieu to one of the truly funny (consistently so) spoof sites of all time. It is especially dear to us South Africans as it dealt virtually (hahaha - see that!) exclusively with local matters, matters close to our hearts. The heart, you know... The thing hidden by the Flag we clutch on our knock off Springbok jersey as we mouth an indistinct and inaccurate rendition of the National anthem after belting out the opening refrain. Basically we all turn into Ozzy until it reverts to our mother tongue again...

Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic long weekend. This is the official start of the holidays folks. That means dickhole drivers and roadblocks. Don't be fucking stupid.

NGDG: I will buy a suit. A suit of excellent cut. And I will wear it only where wearing a suit is completely inappropriate.

Spread The Love.
Tom Bola

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