Tuesday, March 26, 2013


One of my favourite songs. Also, it describes some bloody people who simply do not get it. We're surrounded by the damn things. It's an infestation of mediocre minds and shitty self-absorbed arseholes. I'm a self-absorbed arsehole, I'm just not shitty. You can't turn on the intrawebnets without hearing about how badly people drive (did you know 86% of people reckon they're above average drivers?), people whinging about the lack of consideration in others and, my favourite, people making use of the vehicle that has enabled them to mouth off with whatever brain fart they've managed to percolate in their soggy grey matter.

I don't suppose it helps that I'm currently listening to "How Beautiful You Are", a criminally underrated Cure classic, which does a rather good job of illustrating how fucked up humankind can be.

Or the fact that I inadvertently watched the news again. Let's see. Zuma sending troops into civil unrest situations without the sanction of the UN or even our own Minister Of Defence. And now some of them have been killed in the line of duty. Defending what exactly? And against whom? Forgive my lack of understanding on this, and feel free to enlighten me if you know more, because on the face of it it smacks of something fucking shady/stupid again.

Anyway, I almost clean forgot what I was going to poison your mushy minds with today. Yes, we live in a world most of us would rather not. It is rife with treachery and tribulation that have taken the disgusting side of the human condition thousands of years to perfect. Yes, we are surrounded by the result of mass dumbing down of the masses. Yes, in order to excel at anything, one is forced to cheat or fuck someone distasteful. And, yes, we live in a world where the only real promoters of vinyl are fucking electro DJs.

What has it all come to?

But I'd also like to focus on the good for a change. It's not as dire or funny - and it won't make the commentator out to be the embittered world weary scholar we all strive to be, but as in the service industry, the good should be lauded as quickly as the bad is condemned.

Now, as usual, I have no concrete evidence of this so called "good" that is being done in a world where kiddy-fiddling is but a drop in the ocean, but I assure you, it is out there. Everywhere, every day, there are people doing their little bit to make life better for someone else. Even if it's a small thing. Perhaps you should try it, instead of combating corruption from the confines of your office. Just small stuff. We don't want you to turn into a tree hugger overnight. Or strain yourself. I don't have the answers. And if I let it slip that my only real solution was a clean slate, you'd accuse me of wanting to play God, or worse, Hitler. Too many people want too much for too little. Media has indoctrinated in us a rather unfortunate belief that we're entitled to a life only previously enjoyed by the likes of Riley. Shit comes at a price. Not only the sweat of your brow, but the suffering of others as well. This applies to everything in life.

So. Bottom line. It probably won't happen in our lifetime, but you can at least clean up your own conscience by being less of a pig-headed, selfish, entitled, sanctimonious sack of shit that does nothing to contribute.

And if the only way you can excel or feel special is to be more of an asshat that the doos next to you, you may want to rethink your strategy. If life doesn't get you, there will always be a bigger prick ready to dish it out to you.

Oh, and as a start, may I suggest weeding the utter crap out of what you call a music taste. Thanks.

NGDG: Telling your staff that two year olds could do better work is certainly a unique spin on 'downsizing'.

Spread The Love. One Good Deed And One Bad Record At A Time. 

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