Friday, March 1, 2013


The ANC are (toyi)toying with a new design for
their "T-shirts for votes" campaign. Amandla!

Take a moment to think of 2 things that you WOULDN'T want in your life. I'd say, for most people, that there is definitely an old flame lurking around, whose psycho-hose-beast antics place them firmly in the category of "please stay the fuck away from me/I hope I never see you again/I'm actually quite relieved that you're out of my life". Let's then make the first unwanted, unpleasant thing... an "EX".
Allow me to postulate the following. The most irritating thing in the world (and my band mates will testify at length to this), especially to the musically inclined, is a high pitched, piercing sound. You know, the kind made by mosquitoes or Justin Bieber. The official dictionary definition of such a sound is "shrill". The official (and there are eleven official languages for us to choose from, but let's go with the only other one you understand) Afrikaans translation of "shrill" is "SKRIL".

Now add the 2 together.

Enjoy the show tonight.

I jest. Of course. I am a vehement advocate of "to each their own" and am happy that there is such a wide musical spectrum from which people can choose what they enjoy. If variety wasn't encouraged and progress never happened, we'd all still be sitting listening enthralled, to Bruuuurgghhaa hitting rocks together. Plus I daren't question anyone's taste, since people get very shirty and iffy about this most subjective of subjects, and my sister will no doubt tackle my own preferences.

I'm going to spend the night in the company of angels. Well, one in particular. I'll probably braai. And I'll probably be listening to My Dying Bride. No surprises there.

I'll save my meagre bucks for tomorrow night. Tomorrow night Th'DamnedCrows assault Carnival Court with their high-octane wreck'n'roll. Joining them will be Them Tornados and The Ratrod Cats for a show not to be missed. Although I am taking my life in my hands by wilfully not turning the bottom of my jeanpant up into a cuff. I just hope I manage to keep my council after a few Black Label Drafts (yes, I never learn) when I am once again forced to watch the so-called-twist performed (more like perpetrated) by a gang of cruise liner bound cleaning ladies. I hope I survive the onslaught of disapproving looks. Ooh, Cape Town, you mean bitch... Tralalala. I will however be contributing (now that payday has been) to Th'DamnedCrows album fund. I for one am delighted that I will at some stage of my life be able to enjoy their music without the injustices of fashion thrust upon me. I'm going to pay a little extra...

NGDG: The best thing about being paid on the 28th is that February doesn't have another whole 3 days to rob you of it before the long climb to pay day begins.

Spread The Love. Because Nothing Says "I Love You" Like...

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