Monday, February 24, 2014


I've been impressed with Sindulgence since I first encountered them at a Rock The River Festival a few years back. Since then they have consistently delivered their brand of schizophrenic melodic metal on stages throughout the Cape, building up a considerable fan base. So much so, that they were very deservedly awarded a headline slot at Metal4Africa's Summerfest earlier this month. At which they promptly impressed the pants off me! Live they are a dynamic and maniacal beast, the dual-guitar attack never letting up, entwining around each other, your eardrums and your spinal chord, forcing the obligatory cranium shaking associated with having a great fucking time.
I've just been handed their new single, 'King Beyond The Wall', which is earmarked for release tomorrow...
It's a grower. Thank God! All too often we're faced with the proposition of "instantly likable". It's a Facebook phenomenon and the quickest route to the bargain bin of forgotten schmaltz.
Sindulgence's offering permanently meanders from one surprise to the next - interesting intertwined melodies giving way to intriguing time changes - keeping you on your tonal toes throughout.
An unusually crisp production highlights the interesting dynamic between the instruments. At first glance I get too much Arch Enemy - my go to comparison for all things too clinical - but with repeated listening it crawls in under your skin and I found myself hitting play time and time again. The dark overtones to the lyric and the vocal delivery reveal, as with the music, a depth beyond first impressions.

This is not an official review.

This is me telling you about some really awesome local metal that you would do well to go and check out for yourself.
Well done, gentleman. This geezer is not easily impressed.

Nope. No Humpty Dumpty today...

Spread The Love. Put On Repeat.

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