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It's time to get political again. I quipped earlier that the pooh-petrators of the Rhodes Statue debacle should rather concentrate on their studies and afford themselves the chance of bettering themselves. Not only in a socio-economic manner, but also in a way in which a decent education prohibits well brought up adults from chucking shit all over the place and defacing that which is not theirs.

After all the suffering and strife of an entire race, after all the political maneuvering and eventual dismantling of a hellishly prejudicial system, after all the redress, after all the bloodshed and sacrifice, I was under the impression that South Africa was at least making a token attempt at the rosy reconciliation so eloquently espoused by the late, great Tata Madiba. At least in 2005 and 2010, sport being what it is...

So the detractors of the juvenile public defacing (defecation?) of ol' Rhodes had the moral high ground. Or did they?

Well any rebuke we felt justified in dealing out was recently rendered utterly without worth. Enter some tit who felt it justified to retort with a hail of racist abuse, going as far as referring to these pooh-flingers as (close your ears) the K-word. Let me tell you something, youngster, that's WAY worse than a little excrement. And unforgivable. Thank you for lending credence to their gripe.

The question now is this: where does all this hatred come from? I was under the impression the lighties all got on. At least the ones privileged enough to have attended school and now university on equal footing. Yes, they may still have brand inequality in their lunchboxes, but nothing of the like experienced by their forefathers. I can understand the disenfranchised white retirement age resentment. Even sympathise with their incensed refusal to believe we're better off. They don't (all) know better, having had that kind of thing ingrained for as long as they did.

My generation had it the worst in terms of coming to terms with the dramatic change. I'm not complaining - I'm merely pointing out that we grew up perfectly used to a situation in which we had the unfair advantage. And then suddenly we didn't, and we were forced to embrace the very reason for our sudden demotion down the totem pole. If anyone has an excuse for finding it difficult to deal with change it is that generation, yet we've shown remarkable acceptance - even pointedly or actively joining in - and/or promoting - the process of transformation.

The lighties of today do not know how good they have it, black, or white, or coloured, or Indian, or anything else. You are protected by a wonderful constitution, if not your own government, and by extension the police force. But this hatred among you? Fuck colour. It means nothing! It doesn't mean you're denied the right to anything the person beside you does.

We cannot sweep what happened in the past under some convenient rug of "starting with a clean slate, eh?". Nor should we dredge up atrocities committed against the people of this beautiful country in order to make a statement. Wake the fuck up! That statement has been made over and over and over. The only way you, me and everyone else is going to make a change for the better is to bury the hatchet, acknowledge the inequalities of the past and move towards a more equal future together. I am no bleeding heart. I am even less politically motivated. But I do feel strongly that if you are too fucking dimwitted to contribute in a meaningful manner for the betterment of the situation, then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

And to those entitled little shitheads who still find it necessary to show their own backward barbarism, you do not deserve the right to a life of riches and privilege. Perhaps you'd be better off some place else where your racism is shared by the community. You are NOT welcome here in civilised society. And when you find this bigoted enclave, my sincerest hope is that it  mysteriously disappears off my planet. With you in it.

Fuck off. All of you.

Spread The Love. Your Country Needs It.

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