Thursday, March 19, 2015


So what are you all doing on the weekend? Beating up a couple of old ladies? Sniffing a few petrol tanks? Nice quiet Sunday morning brunch at Stodels? I've a better idea...

Why don't you take in what is possible one of the most historical (and dripping with nostalgia) shows presented in recent times? That's right folks! Here's you chance to be part of something you missed. And trust me, you will DEFINITELY hanker back to the glory days when you get an earful of these venerable veterans.

3 of Cape Town's most beloved bands, who last played together more than a decade ago, have decided to present to you this once in a life time show. Well, your more recent life time. And it is going to be, as the the term "glory days" so subtly insinuates, GLORIOUS!

Allow me to introduce you...

V.O.L. was formed in 2003 and was prolifically active on the local circuit. Kevin Rule, Art Pereira and Miggs Auer are legendary stalwarts in the local live music scene and have gotten together with original guitarist Jonathan Commerford to recapture their explosive sound and dish it out to you, you lucky bastards!

Roswell Kings have been described as epic alternative rock, utilising aspects of metal to add grandeur to their immense sonic soundscapes. Featuring one man music masterclass, Andy Lund, Jason Ling of Taxi Violence infamy, and the omnipresent Art Pereira, they'll have you reminiscing, glowing, and happily recalling the wonder of musical discovery and the majesty of misspent youth.

And then there's Ill System. Recently reformed due to popular demand (following a once off reunion show), they offer a unique take on metal, blending together interesting percussion and elements of ska. If the clamour of the crowds is to be seen to be believed, then you do not want to miss Sean Olsen, Bobby Addison, Mike Cubic and Ramone Pickover once more combining to sublime effect to bring you what they call African Reggae Metal.

So put on your dancing shoes, dig out your old Korn tshirt, take 2 Prohep and come and see for yourself what all the excitement is about. Mercury is the place to be as these home town heroes BRING ON THE AWESOME! 

I've Said It Before And I'll Keep On Saying It. Spread The Love.

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