Friday, March 27, 2015


Today's post is NOT about how fucked up the world is. Despite all the negativity we face on a daily basis... Actually, we're assaulted by a barrage of unwanted information every waking seconds of your miserable, inconsequential little lives. But today is not about JuJu, Steve, pooh, Zuma, ESKOM, The Po'tears, xenophobia, the state of worldwide education, the petrol price or even the orchestrated genocide The Oval Orifice thinks they're getting with.

No, today NOTHING can get us down. It's Friday. The weather is glorious. Actually, to quote one of my favourite movies "The weather outside is weather..."
We're a few short hours away from the weekend - the shackles of the work week magically evaporating - and that first, second and third well deserved cold beer.

And I get to do the thing I love the most...

Well, the thing I love doing the most in public. I get to lose my mind, my heart and my self on a great big stage and bring the music to the people! Well, it's not just me, obviously. If you ever heard me sing, you'd scamper for the hills and bury your head in the nearest ant colony where you'd be damned to an eternity of Courtney Love minus autotune. But I do like to play the guitar and hide behind my hair.

Tomorrow night Mercury once again plays host to SUBVERS for another stellar show. Joining us on the night - and bringing with them a distinctly darker atmosphere - are the delightfully creepy OH, CRUEL FATE and the dense, moody, and intricate innovation of BLACK MOSCOW. If ever there was a night to bust out the black, then this spooky spectacular is it!

DJ Reanimator will be filling in the blanks with his famous dancefloor killers so dust off the Docs and come let your hair down for a night of grandiose gothy goodness. And bring clean panties...

For your enjoyment, here is a little teaser. A track from each of the bands...

SUBVERS - Flatline
OH, CRUEL FATE - Creep Factory

For full event details, click here.

Oh yes. And then there's the small matter of not getting any sleep before the great battle of the Antipodes over some or other trophy no one in the cricket world cares about anymore...

Spread The Love. "It's A Cruel Seduction."

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