Thursday, February 28, 2013


Nun shall pass...

That's actually the real title of a movie I own. Unbelievable? Believe it.

Fuck it, I'm bored today. Work is bumbling along, as it does, and I'm doing the things I have to do. It's just that I have definitely had enough of this week and the feeling has manifested itself in a lacklustre vacuum of motivation second to none. To add insult to injury, I am often driven to reading the news in cases such as this, which only serves to make me MOERIG on top of the MOEG and MOEDELOOS.

Perhaps a bit of fresh air would work. Sitting here smelling my own farts is probably not conducive to fervent productivity. Some days I miss smoking, simply because it afforded me the opportunity to get up from behind the computer screen and rest my eyes on something other than the woes of the world, the atrocities committed by a sick society, and the abuse of power and accepted grammar standards.

I think a nap is the answer. Wouldn't that be awesome. I could seriously go for one of those forced lie downs we were so loathe to accede to in kindergarten. I want to go back to my childhood. I like the concept of having no responsibility. I like how you didn't care if your Mom dressed you in something ridiculous. I like how you could get on with other kids without having any agenda other than simple sincere compatibility. Much like a dog is in a state of permanent joy at the prospect of food, a walk or the opportunity to hump something, kids too have little or no frame of reference. They don't know what deliciously decadent experiences await them in the future, and therefore don't miss them. They don't actively seek out more and more extreme pleasures - they simply enjoy the sugar rush they're currently on. Of course adolescence changes everything and it becomes a full time occupation using every underhanded trick in the book in an attempt to divest oneself of ones virginity, but I remember some good time then as well...

Anyway, back to life, back to reality...

Looking forward to next weekend and the annual celebration of heat, live music, kids with bad taste, and 3 days of caked dirt that is Ramfest! With any luck the Brother-In-Awe will re-enact that now-famous rendition of Die Antwoord after he'd spent all night getting blitzed and dancing like a bastard to electro. My resolution this year is to not be blackout drunk all 3 days. At the price, I'd like some memories. Otherwise I may as well stay home, not wash and listen to music I actually like, all the while not getting as far as the stage and having fuckall recollection anyway. Ag, who am I trying to kid?

Oh ja, and talking about "music" that I'd just as soon miss in a hazy stupor, tomorrow night is the Skrillex concert. I try my best not to be one of the nay-sayers. Let's leave it at 'Enjoy the show' to all that are going. And thank you for relieving me of the burden of having to endure it myself. I hope you have a whale of a time.

And on that ugly note, I will take my leave. Tonight is phase 4 of 'make house presentable' so wish me luck. I may yet see my floors before the day is done.

Also, best name for a porn starlet of the day goes to Bonnie Rotten. I'm sure Google will guide your path...

NGDG: The moon looks like something you could cradle in your hands. But it would crush you. Unless you get trapped in a crater like a cowboy in the window of a dynamited spaghetti western saloon facade.

Spread The Love. Ask Bonnie.

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