Friday, October 4, 2013



For Frankie Riester.
In fond remembrance of a full and wonderful life.

Anyone who knew Frankie knows what a generous, driven and passionate man he was. Not only was he a tremendously talented musician, having written, recorded and performed with great success in Europe and right here in SA, but he was also a very successful businessman and entrepreneur.

His dedication and devotion to all things musical was the stuff of legend. Never have I ever met anyone with such unquenchable enthusiasm and unbridled passion. Even if that passion spilled over into heated screaming matches at 5 in the morning after spending all night in the Rock Hard Cafe at his beautiful home, drinking and arguing about anything (and everything) musical.

His indomitable spirit and refusal to court failure resulted in Voice Of Rock radio, and together we conducted many extremely enjoyable interviews with some rather esteemed figures in the industry - and for that Frankie will always have my gratitude.

His hospitality and warm, open nature were immediately felt by anyone fortunate enough to make his acquaintance.

And lastly, but by far and away the most important, Frankie Riester was a loving and adoring partner to Kathi. Kath, we love you and all hold you in our hearts and thoughts at this most difficult time.

Frankie, your absence from our lives will leave a hole that can never be filled. It was a pleasure and a privilege to call you friend. May you find a peace and happiness in the afterlife as fulfilling as that which you enjoyed while still here with us.

I'm sure Ronnie James was standing there waiting for you with a welcoming smile, open arms, and a cold beer.

Go well, my brother, you will remain loved and will always be missed.

With all my love and respect.

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