Monday, February 16, 2015


Check that view!

Much like the State Of Our Nation's Unrest, I am trying my best not to comment on the issue of loadshedding. More because I'd like to distance myself from all the intimidatingly insightful comments made by the public at large than to steer clear of the bandwagon, y'know...

But it really struck a powerful blow yesterday morning. There I was... all primed and excited for the World Cup, although to be fair I wake up in a similar state most mornings. Alas, I did manage to oversleep, but was looking forward tremendously to lying in and enjoying the second innings with some coffee and rusks. 7 Overs in and BLAM! the electricity is cut. Eskom, pissing on the ProteaFire... Take my eyes!

And on a similar note, I love how "we the few" are so hell bent on educating "we the few" regarding the corrupt ineptocracy with which we find ourselves burdened. If you're serious about effecting change, reposting DA memes and arguing your flaccid point on social media is going to achieve fuckall. If you want real change, you have to get to the voters, instead of giving people like me fodder to keep us distracted from work. It's called preaching to the choir; look it up. Personally, I could give less of a shit. I have a fairly jaundiced view of anyone in political office, so don't hold much hope for the next raft of rats, no matter which colour their tshirts.

But you know what, fuck it! I had an awesome weekend despite having to make coffee on gas. Vallenfyre Day with The Hot Girlfriend was amazing. We dived into the bottom half of my wine collection. Actually it was her wine we opened - I'm pretty spoiled. All in all the entire weekend was exactly what it's supposed to be about. Nothing too tacky, just spending time together. She is incredible and I count myself very, very lucky to have her in my life. Without being too soppy about it. Besides, you know, I like romanticalistical stuff.

So to everyone who had the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, good on you. And to those who found themselves alone, you have the unique experience of meeting that person who will light up your life - that's still going to happen, along with all the gooey emotions and cheesy shit eating grins. Enjoy. Hopefully sooner than later, my foolhardy flock.

Remember, only 312 days left for Christmas shopping!

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