Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Yes, luv. You may "hazz" cheeseburger...

Ja just another day at the office. Unless you're Chris Gayle. And whatever arse-headed shit stain soiling the hallowed halls of the SABC who decided against broadcasting this morning's game. I've had to follow the greatest individual batting performance of all time on cricinfo. Updates are typed at me. It's hardly a sufficient substitute for the visual spectacle. I mean, only one oke in the history of the entire world has pomped Zimbabwe harder and he's only ninety one not out...

Other than that I have precious little to complain about. And for someone who enjoys a good ol' whinge online and is usually clad in 50 shades of black, that's not an easy situation. In fact, I have a lot of positives on which to report. Last night SUBVERS was once again hard at work in the studio and I'm over the moon to report some serious progress. The pipe dream that is an entire album is almost in the can. Then the wonderful mixing and mastering phase will probably herald my demise. Thank goodness for both you and I that I am not doing the actual work, merely sitting there being a nuisance and pouring my unwanted opinion all over everyone and everything.

Also, between work, the beer special at Checkers, and my already well published proclivity towards the odd tipple, I am convinced I'm on an interesting journey that ends in a slow death by liver failure. That, and I've been watching far too much Shameless of late. It's currently the show de jour in my house, especially when The Hot Girlfriend is around. Speaking of, this week marks her first turn at hosting Dinner Club. I get to sit on my arse and do nothing more than make sure everyone has drinks. Unless I get roped into being Kitchen Bitch, which I am hoping to avoid like a venereal disease. Should be fun.

And on a completely unrelated subject, has anyone ever seen this clip of the infamous Honey Boo Boo, the child protege (and poster child for everything wrong with 'Murica) and her mom making what they call "Sketti n butter"... I hope you have a fairly strong stomach...

Anyway, am running out of time today. I really don't like this shit of being busy at work - it steals far too much time from my daily day dreaming allotment. Have a wonderful evening. And if that is not on the cards, at least try to avoid the cliche of polluting the rest of us with poorly written poetry.

Spread The Love. Pass The Cholesterol.

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