Friday, February 6, 2015


So in a Western world in which atheism is embraced more and more, how is the criminal justice system evolving to keep up? What good is it asking someone who has sweet fuckall fear of divine retribution to place his hand on a bible and promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? And are criminals already not, well, criminal? Lying, I'm fairly sure, falls at the base of their totem pole of vices. So why shouldn't they bend the truth to avoid a bit of rough housing in the big house? I would. And don't give me that whole "facts" schpiel... the lawyers are the biggest crooks of all when it comes to convenient fibs.

Just popped into my head. Sorry. Rambling... You know...

Happy Friday people!

Something else you may want to contemplate... Steve Hofmeyr is not as "shit down yer leg racist redneck" dumb as you may believe him to be. He's simply playing the part because he understands the concept of modern day celebrity and how one must use any avenue available to bump up ones Tweet count once ones Neil Diamond cover career takes a trajectory toward the nearest long drop. Abusing ignorant people's nationalist emotions may come across as painfully bourgeois, but he's found himself smothered in Tant Sannie's ample bosom as the Volk embrace his silly pseudo-political posturing. The fact that Lefty "Liberal" Le Roux has his feathers ruffled is of no consequence, as he is taking Steve too seriously. I fully understand that he holds some sort of sway over South Africa's obstinately backward "gehekelde kondome" clan, but see what he is doing for what it is. Not the leader of men against a backlash oppression. Rather the opportunistic soapbox vigilante rallying support for his own personal agenda, which is as it always has been, celebrity. He, along with the likes of JuJu, should be watched, but not feared. Rather, the far more dangerous insidious machinations of those in power who have all but stripped us of everything but the right to vote, should be brought to task. Even Mugabe has a meme. I wonder if his PR department came up with the idea.

So, shit talk Friday it is then... I'd probably get lynched if I ever got my own radio show. And trust me, it would be radio. I don't have a face for TV like Loyiso does. The problem with hauling out the proverbial quill and not having enough of a hangover to quell the urge to spill my disconnected thoughts on the parchment, is that this happens. Now I have 2 choices. Do I try and fairly represent the other view point - ostensibly so that I don't offend people I hold dear? Or do I trust that those very people understand my slanted take on things? One thing is for certain, I could do with the end of the day already. My Takealot order is on its way and I have lots of braaing to do this weekend.

Well, way to go "work"! That's my train of thought properly derailed now. Now what?

I'm back!

So - in conclusion - if you find yourself suddenly socially undermined, incapable of compassion beyond your isolated pigment group, or just plain awkwardly ignorant, go fuck yourself. If you harbour ill will towards anyone other than the purveyors of this ongoing orgy of horror and hate, yup, go fuck yourself. And to anyone clearly too pompously preoccupied with their own narrow narrative to fully understand any of the above...

...hell, I don't even pretend to understand a lot of the crap I've written today...

...well, you guessed it - you too can go fuck yourself.

Enjoy a well lubricated weekend, y'all!

Irreverent Fridays should make a comeback.

Spread The Love. Not The Tweet-O-Meter Clicky Clicks...

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