Wednesday, February 18, 2015


So what are you lovely people all doing on the 28th of February? 28 is double 14, so it's an extra special day, being twice as romantic as Vallenfyre Day! And speaking of all things indescribably awesome, and heavy, I give you PREMONITIONS.

A mouth watering line up of diverse, and divinely damaging bands make up this showcase of Cape Town's underground metal. SUBVERS is thrilled to be sharing a stage with such illustrious heavyweights.
So let me introduce you - on the assumption that you've been living under a rock. Or a bridge. You can thank me later.

BULLETSCRIPT has fast risen to local acclaim with their riff laden groove underpinning Ian Watson's inspiring vocal vitriol. They lock shit down just as effectively as they fuck shit up. And fuck your shit up they will. They don't leave behind a crowd of smiling satisfied customers - rather a wake of stunned, shattered souls, always eager for more.
THE WARINSANE has cemented its place in the upper echelons of South African extreme metal for a number of years now, consistently producing ferocious metal guaranteed to bludgeon you into submission. It's that simple, although the music is anything but. You'll be left bruised and bloodied, and you'll love every second of it. Wallace Warner towers over any audience, an intensity that's impossible to ignore - he will have his vicious way with you like it or not...
WITHDAWN has more recently made its mark on the live scene with a year or two of relentless performances and finally an album of dizzying grandeur. They more than crack a nod toward the influences of more contemporary metal, combining introspective undercurrents with thunderous overtures, inventive time signatures with deafening walls of sound. And it'll move you. The astounding vocal range of singer Kevin Rule is the icing on this sumptuous sonic cake. You'll choke on every crushing musical morsel.

Oooooh look at you. You clever clogs... you've gone and noticed that I've been singling out the vocalists of these outfits. Well, other than the fact that they most certainly represent "a selection of SA's finest frontmen all on one stage", it also brings me neatly to my good friend and band mate Matthew Miller. SUBVERS has been described as a hard rocking Type O Negative or a rampant Rammstein. Personally, I think there's way more to us than that, but come to the show and see for yourself. The reason for the positive feedback (not mine - everyone always complains when I do that) is mainly due to our own superb singer. Andrew Eldritch fucking wishes...

Anyway, you don't have to believe me. Just click on the gifts I have left for you and you will run immediately to stake your place in the queue, even though it's another 10 days to go:


THE WARINSANE - Burned Alive

WITHDAWN - Diminished

SUBVERS - Flatline (demo)... Ja! Ja! The album's almost done. Hold your horses...

This is going to be a show of monumental proportion. Hold onto your panties. Except when SUBVERS plays - all projectile knickers welcome. Preferably not ironically large Pep Stores bloomers. I have enough guitar lappies to last me a life time...

Spread The Love. Pass the Earplugs.

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