Wednesday, April 1, 2015


...the human centipede of pop "music". It's in the name.

Today is "everything that is shit in this world" day. The latest boy band sensation is storming the ramparts and if you listen closely, every tweenage girl in the Western Cape will chorus "Want erection! Want erection!", a harrowing chant echoing through the biggest toilet on Earth. Me, I'll be travelling home via Camps Bay and then camping outside my beer fridge.

Oh, you wanted to hear about REAL music? Ok then... Saturday night was awesome! Once again Mercury delivered, in particular sound man extraordinaire Jethro and the ever brilliant Kevin on lighting duty. Thanks guys. And of course Lux for looking after all the bands so well. We really are spoiled. To everyone who was there, what a night of amazing performances, eh!

I can't really speak from an unbiased point of view when it comes to SUBVERS, all I can tell you is we had a great time. My august and revered opinion on all things musical however, has a little something to say about the 2 acts who shared the stage with us.

First up, OH, CRUEL FATE. Bubbling with excitement at the prospect of their first show on a "proper stage", the delivered a devilish, delightful set. It truly was "stand there with your mouth open in wide eyed wonder" type stuff... Fronting a group of seasoned musicians who created awesome old-school creepy indulgence, Dani Diamond was an utter revelation! Her vocal prowess is going to carry her far and if she keeps this group around her, there is no doubt that they will very quickly get noticed and enjoy absolutely rabid adulation.

BLACK MOSCOW is a completely different animal. Combining a subtle, understated style with the occasional eruption of emotion-driven bombast, they weave a delicate and intricate web of sonic sorcery. Clearly all particularly accomplished musicians, they form a formidable prospect - the Incubus to OH, CRUEL FATE's Succubus, if you will...

Well, if you can handle the rather forced goth reference.

I have precious little else on which I can report. Contrary to the general status quo, nothing particularly hysterical has happened to me or mine of late. Work - much to my chagrin and everyone else's eternal amusement - is a dreary well of frustration and I find that I'm permanently on the point of homicide. I use that as a convenient excuse to drink as much as I do.

In conclusion, if you fell for any one of the hundreds of silly pranks or any of the misinformation that flooded the internet today, consider yourself punk'd. The saddest thing about that show was the realisation that you got bested by Michael from 'That 70s Show'. Mind you, he did get to diddle Mila Kounis.

I'll leave now before it gets any more unbearably contrived.

Spread The Love. It's Nights Like These I Am Glad I'm Not A Parent.

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