Thursday, September 13, 2012


Remember nagging your folks in the days when people still packed their cars full of children, frikkadels, hard boiled eggs and a flask of coffee? My little sister (and the other half of the magnificent DSW) was known to utter "How many more kimmoliters to go?" plaintively. And ad nauseum. Personally I think she just did it to see my mother's ire rise quietly as we bounced through the Karoo.

Yes, the Karoo. A hotbed of speculation and the centre of the fracking debate. Regardless of how harmful or not harmful it is going to be in the long run, I can't help but get the feeling that the stake holding parties are being rather hesitant to allay fears. They have chosen to focus more on the "positive spin" of alleged job creation and contribution to the GDP - a sure sign that not all is kosher. I don't have the time to go and read in every fine detail the procedure and ramification - especially environmental concerns - but I do know this. If some fat cat motherfucker is motivating a proposal to do something that someone closer to the situation is up in arms about, it's generally bad news. So - for the sake of adding my voice to the many vociferous detractors - for once - FRACK OFF!

Has anyone heard of Septembeard? It's like Mo'vember, only more lumberjack and less paedophile. The look at any rate, not the cause, which is supposedly also to do with eradicating prostate cancer and the need for anal probes. Unless you're Cartman. It's ironic that, in the case of so many absolute douchebags, men around the world now get a chance to protect their sphincters by growing facial hair...

And speaking of beards. And now we're talking of BEARDS, why not take a virtual stroll over to Metal4Africa and find out what the MEN from Juggernaught are up to in this exclusive interview. Apparently they're bringing the meat back, what ever that could mean. All I can think is that someone finally had the sense to take a rifle to Lady Gaga and managed to escape with the back part of her dress before the Hollywood media hyenas ripped the still warm carcass apart.

And speaking of musical behemoths, another monumentally bright star is once again performing her acclaimed set of shimmering songs right here in the Western Cape! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful, warm and witty Shannon Hope is here this week to share her solemn siren songs with you. And with no small dose of grace and bewildering beauty. Check out the touring schedule for her current outing alongside guitar legend Dan Patlansky and get your soon-to-be-mesmerised arse on over to a show that's guaranteed to leave you breathless.

And a very happy birthday to Florence Nightingale! Happy happy! Bake away!

NGDG: "We saw some of the para-Olympic athletes" she said and everyone thought it was marvellous. I sniggered because it was a perfect set-up for: the rest of them were in their suitcases.

Spread The Love. Sha'monne!

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