Thursday, September 20, 2012


Who farted?

The more pertinent question is "What's eating ME?" Not as in mozzies, or cell mate style. As in who or what is making me upset? I'll tell you! Fucking ETV! That's who!
Imagine my delight - when I sat down with an ice cold beer after some recording work last night - to be greeted by some lame ass movie instead of UEFA Champions League football...
There was a broadcast on Tuesday night, the same as every year since the inception of the tournament, but strangely nothing last night. I suffered through a Chiefs vs Black Leopards game instead. I know I say "local is lekker" when referring to a LOT of things. Football is not one of them.

Anyway, that - and the office computer shitstorm - aside, life is as peachy as it gets. Things are going well on all fronts. Even my lawn is doing well. I am also being forced to take some leave soon, so you'll be bereft of my daily dose of tasteless oikery. To be honest, that's the only reason I come in to work. So that I have access to the internet so I can touch a part of your lives every day.

And at least 39 people jump up from their desks in unison and rush to the bathroom to cleanse themselves...

Also, tonight I have the pleasure of witnessing a performance by the delightful Lucy Kruger as she takes to Mercury's stage to unleash her debut album on an unsuspecting world. If you're in the vicinity, why not try and combat the curse that is Thirsty Thursday and join us for a pint? Apparently the first 100 people through the door get a complimentary Darling Beer, darling. For free. Not a beer that tells you what you want to hear. "Kah-tssssssh! My, but you have beyooootiful, um.. eyes!"

And speaking of incredible vocal talents, I have some news!
It's been a long time coming, but I can now announce that a friend of ours - and honourary White Flip Flopper - has officially joined Swedish Doom Metal band, Draconian. Congrats all round and we're all very proud of you, Nancy Sin Atra!

*cough* TOUR! *cough* Ashes At My Grave *cough*

And if you haven't realized yet, then you should be shot. Dead. In the ear holes. If you're anywhere near the South Coast go and catch Shannon Hope, as she stops off at a town near you, sharing her magical music, her heartfelt songs and her heavenly voice with anyone lucky enough. It is an empirical fact that not one person has ever seen her perform and not become an instant fan, if not a disciple! Yes. THAT amazing. Details of her current tour here.

And on that erm.... note, have a wonderful evening, all.

NGDG: I've attempted to update my status at least six times but didn't 'post' because Ionescu in-jokes interest only me, bitching about work will only get me into trouble, being honest will lose me friends, and posting something real would mean I'd have to kill you and I can't afford a lawyer any more than I can sufficiently uglify myself to survive jail.

Spread The Love. Can You Also Suddenly Hear Air Supply?

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