Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So today I learned a lot about back up protocol and the possibilities involved with the industry of data recovery. To fill you in (he said in his sexiest faux-Spanish, all-cheese accent) I am no IT Guy. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But the people I work with are even more technotarded than I, leaving me to glean knowledge from hastily typed Skype conversations, cries for help over a telephone and in extreme emergencies, my own trial and error. Mainly error...

So today when the shit hit the fan good and proper, the IT bar was raised well beyond my meagre level of expertise. To cut a long story very, very short: there were tears, there were anguished wails, there were frantic phone calls and there was me. Having to deal with it all. I left.

When I got back I called the first data recovery service I could find using good ol' Google and they assure me the problem will be looked at, and probably solved, tomorrow. I need a beer...

Anyway, the plumbing issues at my residence still have not resolved themselves. Armed with a brand new hose, I proudly strode into the kitchen ready to Tim Allen the fuck out of the dishwasher connection. An hour, a lot of swearing and some beer breaks later I felt confident enough to turn the water back on. Blasted pipe had a leak. If it had been my fault I think I would have gone insane. Luckily it was a manufacturing fault and I was able to replace it today. I'm not sure if my frazzled nerves have the fortitude required for that operation again today. I think I'll just stick with the beer and wash everything by hand for the next while.

Sorry, like the corrupt drive, my brain is absolutely fried. So if I seem like I'm rambling, please just go with it.

Ok, that's it. I've been sitting here staring like a cerebrally challenged Paris Hilton impersonator for a few minutes and I'm tapped out.
Tonight it's band practice again, at least there's that to look forward to.


NGDG: Small mercies #353: not being the owner of the car upon which bricks rain down from the demolished complex wall where a drunk driver slams to a stop.

Spread The Love. Like The Kids Of Today Say. Back Up! Back Up!

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