Monday, September 10, 2012


Jumping Jews Of Jerusalem! What a weekend! I hope the rest of you managed to make it. I almost didn't.

Friday started with a visit to the Hot Girlfriend's place, seeing as it was all systems go for studying this weekend and I was going to be left to fend for myself. Then off to the house of TDB and MeSwifty for a braai aimed at welcoming back R Kelly The Sound Engineer, who has been convalescing in Pertorier. Also in attendance were a number of the usual suspects, including Timmeeeeeh! and The Eloper. And their better halves in some circumstances. There was even salad. There was also a lot of happy chatting and cold beverage consumption - just the way I like it. Happy days.

Saturday was one of those "where am I?" moments to start off with, as I woke up in the execu-suite (also known as the spare room). A quick drive home and back to bed. Then a hearty breakfast consisting mostly of grease and cholesterol and I was ready to head out to the main event. Tarty Farty Tequila Party had organised a pub crawl for her birthday. It was in the theme of The Amazing Race. Not the most engaging fare on the telly, but a wonderfully novel concept when you are yourself participating.

So after a quick lunch with Rose Thorn, who had very graciously agreed to pick me up, we sauntered off to the starting point, Perseverance Tavern. The usual bunch of miscreants greeted us with the usual level of "drinking in the sun happiness". A quick pint for luck and we then drew names from a "hat" to figure out random team selection. I was, quite naturally, on Team Black Label. So was The Dean, Slappy, Up Side Down Girl, Tube Screamer, our captain for the day Shades Of Grey's Anatomy, and of course Animal from the Muppets. We all got onto a party bus and were whisked off, beer in hand, to the first of our pub stops. At each stop we had to figure out 2 questions - the answer to the first going onto the answer sheet and the answer to the second resulting in a clue to the next destination. So off to &Union at a combination of gallop, stroll and much backwards jogging exhorting we went. We got there first! For every "leg" the team arriving there first gets a designated round for free. So it was with some smug satisfaction that we watched, as 15minutes later, team Hansa came trundling in, red with exertion and promptly left as they saw us enjoying our reward! Pity they were such bad sports about the whole affair, as I believe the idea was for everyone to join in and have a drink at every stop...
So obviously they beat us to the next stop, the Irish Pub O'Dricoll's and won themselves a pint of the Black Stuff each. Which they very unsportingly shared with us to buy some time, otherwise it would have been leapfrog from there on in. They also got to the next stop, Slug & Lettuce marginally ahead of us, but this time, very sportingly decided to stay and enjoy a drink, giving over their slender lead to the deserving Champions. We got to Roxy's roughly an hour and a bit before they even open. That's how well the race was going! Eventually collecting our round of victory Springbokkies, everyone settled in and ordered some drinks and food, happy for the temporary respite from being cajoled along by the more competitive among us. Or so we thought. THAT team of cheating buggers snuck off without anyone noticing and edged us to the final pitstop, Kimberley Hotel. Successfully having completed the team task of downing Bergie Bombs and handing in our final answer sheets, we could finally relax. The competition was over and now the name calling could commence in earnest. It did. At DecoDance Pool Bar. Mostly from my belligerently drunk mouth to the procession of "grootbek" challengers who - one after the other - slunk away from the pool table with their defeated tails between their legs. I'm famous for that shit.

And eventually onto Percies again for the dinner and cake and pressies and shots and speeches. Well, I speeched. Standing on the table. There were balloons. The cake was made out of tequila...

To Tarty Farty Tequila Party - what a magnificent event! Happy Birthday - we all love you, you certifiable loon! And to Team Black Label - congratulations on a well fought, much deserved and in no small measure foregone conclusion victory! Group hugs, high fives and a happy dance!

And the biggest moment of the weekend was the radiant smile! I'm glad it's back!

NGDG: In the movies writers always sit hunched by a fire, swigging whiskey while setting their manuscripts aflame in a hearth. Dumping the whole derivative mess in the sink works just as well. And you get to strangle your dreams as it were as you wring the wet from the pulpy mess.

Spread The Love. Does Anyone Remember The Balcony Scene In 'Tomcats'?

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