Tuesday, December 24, 2013


...contrary to popular belief, is not my two front teeth.

There are a number of things. Mostly things that didn't make it onto a wishlist - as gift buying, much to my disappointment - has been severely curbed this year.
Some of the things I want can't be bought. Even some of the tangible items are usually a bit too rare to find easily. But here goes anyway...

  • I want the Grinches to give Christmas back. I love Christmas and the magical veneer of hope and generosity it instills in even the most pessimistic of people.
  • I'd like me some World Peace. Real, actual, non-hippy end to the incessant fight for domination of others.
  • More birth control.
  • An end to abuse. Abuse of power. Sexual abuse. Domestic abuse. Most of all abuse to animals.
  • I want my friends back - too many are scattered across the globe.
  • I'd like Cape Town back - the tourists are already making it unbearable, and that's just on the roads.
  • I hope that more and more people find love.
  • I wish for the friends of mine involved in making music to enjoy the success they deserve. This includes the friends involved in my various projects as well.
  • I want the pain from the sunburn on my knees to stop.
  • I would love the superpower of "no hangovers" and an unlimited supply of Johnny Walker Black Label.
  • Less restrictive laws regarding exposed boobs.
  • All programme directors should be subjected to their own playlists and forced to endure the same hell as radio listeners.
  • An end to celebrity obsessed society and more recognition for real artists.
  • A black Audi A3.
  • More time for renovations.

Modest hopes, I'll grant you, but they're mine.

Here is wishing all of you a wonderful festive season and may all your wishes come true in a prosperous New Year. Thank you all for taking the time to read the criminally crap tirades, stories and reviews.

NGDG: Over a dozen presents wrapped. Were their recipients good? Am I feeling festive? Who cares? Finally, my home is free of all that Avon shit. There are bottles of mens stink left. They're so weak I could give them to the homeless as cocktails.

Spread The Love. Merry Christmas!

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