Thursday, December 19, 2013


Thanks Sid!

Only people with the most exquisite music taste will get the reference. But really. It's for all my friends (well, three of them...) who have a strange tentacle fantasy thing happening. And it's Christmas. According to Shoprite and Canal Walk, it has been since Easter.

And as I do every year, I have compiled, because you, my dear beloved reader cannot possibly be expected to keep up with all my mindless drivel, a best of. Below is a list of posts I've made throughout the year, reflecting the least pointless. This is not a statistically correct list. It is not derived from number comparison. Rather it is my own favourites. And since I win 'Narcissist Of The Year' every year, it's reasonably accurate. (Don't tell my dad, I hate it when he gloats.)

Here. It's me. Filling your stocking:

  1. Yet another opinion on the current state of the music industry.
  2. Priscilla, Queen Of The Desserts.
  3. Tattoos 'n' shit.
  4. Now I Wanna Be Your Dog!
  5. Bad day at the office.
  6. Menage a trois.
  7. How to be less like you.
  8. Bergie business boom!
  9. You will have great sex with a gorgeous person forever and ever
  10. Sixty-nine! Sixty-nine! Sixty-nine!
  11. On Defecation Boulevard!
  12. The only REAL Scandal in this country is the soap opera by that name.
  13. Penniless for your thoughts.
  14. I should have treated Kulula like the Porta-potty it is...
  15. NOT a phrase I heard in high school.
  16. Beggars Banquet.
  17. In which Will Smith punches an alien.
  18. Lolcats is not a Cure song.
  19. Sonic Tonic for the tone deaf.
  20. Why so serious?
  21. I predict a riot.
  22. Michael Stipe is a visionary.
  23. A silly way to use the C-word whilst not using the C-word.

See, I would have made it a nice even 24 - 2 for every month of the year - but I'm not quite convinced I have finished writing Top 24 material just yet for the year. So I'm leaving a space open for one more doozie! The rest all get "Participant" rosettes.

NGDG: Pet hate # 4 (I'm not a hateful person so it barely runs to double digits): chilling on Facebook at night and folk take your being online as an invitation to call or message you.

Spread The Love. Not The Cheeks. Well...

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