Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Why does it irritate me so when clearly educated people suffer so cruelly from the idiotic knee jerk reaction to anything religious? Happy Easter? Ah, I'm sooooo fucking sharp and ahead of the curve that I simply cannot help myself and just MUST type something denigrating and (what I think is) funny about it...
Every. Single. Time. Without. Fail.
Yes, religious zealots have been committing atrocities in the name of whichever deity they choose to follow for eternity, but can you not also concede that people who believe also do many wonderful, selfless and kind things because of it as well? Stop being a gigantic dick about it. Most of you do it without even realising it.
And then there's the proliferation of overweight children being fed far too much chocolate.

Not to be outdone, the marginalised masses that listen to that heavy metal music have gone and shown their trve colours. You know, that bunch that is permanently spouting phrases like "don't judge a book by its cover" and "just because you don't get it, doesn't make it any less valid". If they collectively removed their heads from their arses, they might find out that there are more than the roughly 8 bands they endorse. Luckily, there are exceptions.

And then we swing, like George Of The Jungle, onto the next topic hogging headlines today. David Moyes has been handed his marching orders from Old Trafford after a woeful season in which he relinquished the League title and magically turned international superstars into mediocre palukas. No surprises, then... Didn't the exact same board of directors choose this man for the job from all the other likely candidates a few months back? Didn't they promise him leniency? How much is it going to cost the club to end his contract with more than 5 years left on it? Oh, and the interim coach is Ryan Giggs. Admittedly, he is almost unanimous with the club's fortunes over the last 25 years or so, but has sweet fuck all managerial experience. "Musical Managers" is a kak game.

But there is a silver lining. Due to my complete inability to follow a simple schedule, we are being forced to endure a bonus Dinner Club night on Thursday. Hallelujah. Perhaps that will take the stench out of this week's enforced misery? There's just something about having some time off and then being thrust back into the eternal ennui. At least I got a chance to sort my cd collection. The down side is that I discovered 3 of my discs are missing. For how long, no one knows. I doubt I'll ever see them again. It's like filing a missing persons case never to get the closure of burying your child.

I also had a series of very enjoyable lunches, so there's that...

And finally, I think I'll go home and create a mash up of the Swans classics 'Failure' and 'Alcohol The Seed'... Perhaps it's time for me to grow a beard and become (more of) a sanctimonious twat too...

NGDG: An asset manager told me today that Sainsbury's is the UK equivalent of Woolworths. I told him it's a Spar at best. Should've added that Woolworths is actually a CNA, and Tesco's branding makes it akin to Pick n Pay only insofar as you consider ASDA more Hyperama than Shoprite.

Spread The Love. That's The Bottom Line.

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