Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula is a dangerous man. Dangerously stupid. Dangerously ignorant. And dangerously close to making a mockery of all we as a sport (and sanity) loving public hold dear. But he is also a danger to this whole notion of free and fair elections our "democracy" dreamed up around '94...

Yes he is a gigantic turd with barely the mental faculty to tackle basic linear arithmetic, what with his diligently researched new quota system in national sport. But let's let that one go for now. He's not the first and he won't be the last to use sport negatively in this country instead of the way one or two more prominent of his predecessors in politics were wise enough to do. No, it is exactly his politics that bear scrutiny. Or rather ridicule. If it were only that simple...
I'm no political analyst, but I just can't seem to let his accusations of witchcraft against the DA go. He actually said (probably in all sincerity) to a group of disenfranchised voting fodder that the DA was employing witchcraft in the Western Cape to stay in power. I don't know if it's the body blow of disbelief or the overflowing mirth that makes me want to collapse in a heap of helpless dribbling, but it's what I want to do right now. And then to go on and call on tokoloshe to help rid the community of this evil? Not to mention bringing up lack of service delivery as a reason to oust the most successful local government in the country. Pot. Kettle. Black in a non-racist-purely-observational-way.
Too fucking much to bear! Is he that stupid? Or does he simply assume his audience is? Either way, the oaf is in dire need of a hefty PK.

Consider the laws of physics. Everything tends towards a state of equilibrium. It's the fundamental premise on which everything in existence is based. Racism will remain as long as there is a reason for it to remain. In both directions. Continue feeding the fire and it'll eventually consume all of us whole, even those who choose to have a more measured approach to determining peoples' worth and a rose-tinted outlook on the future. It's malignant fucking shiteaters like Mr Mbalula that are the problem. Let's not even get into all the other shit so blatantly and shamelessly paraded on our news channels 24/7. He just makes a convenient symbol of a world dumbed down.

I can't take the grand standing and cheap politicking anymore. I can't take the hollow promises and the smug smirks anymore. I can't take the damning "Ja, but they're kakker than us" rhetoric anymore. And for the love God, can we please just get this "trial of the century" out of the way now! What's wrong with you people? I couldn't even get a weather report this morning - across ALL channels! Fuck everyone who has a hand in creating a demand for this insane coverage. You should all be ashamed of your Heat Magazine mob mentality. At least that publication had the decency to include the odd page 3 bimbo's boob slip.

Oh, and while I'm at it, fuck you ETV. Thanks for once again only securing Tuesday night Champions League football. Cheapskate motherfuckers.

NGDG: If your estate agent in the Ferndale area is called Denis, don't shake his hand - it's been up a prostitute all night.

Spread The Love. And Some Enlightenment Please.

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