Thursday, April 17, 2014


Bugs never got the hang of "Pass Over"

It's the last day before the long weekend, so in the spirit of Easter, here is the most significant story with a bunny in it since 33 A.D...
What that has to do with celebrating the resurrection of Christ and your subsequent free pass into a heavenly afterlife, fuck only knows. Unless Hugh Heffner is your chosen deity, it doesn't make any sense. Along with the egg, another eternal participant in life's seemingly endless list of conundrums.
Personally, I'm looking forward to some well deserved rest, wicked as I am. Plans include toasted Hot Cross buns in bed with coffee and some lyric writing. Well, more like making sense of the tons of garbled, half sung ideas and thoughts on my phone's voice recorder. And all the little scraps of paper floating around the dark recesses of my bag and pockets. One day such memorabilia will be worth something. I hope my Mom has a tidy retirement lump sum to spend.

Also, check out Art's Not Dead for the inaugural installment, an interview with the exceptional Andy Lund. I think it's a great idea - look out for more to follow.

Has anyone ever wondered what Frank Zappa would be coming up with if he was still with us? I'd have liked to see him collaborate with Michael Gira in his current "Asymmetrical Music" phase... Fuck Skinny Puppy, if I were running Gitmo, that would be the soundtrack to dementia.

If you haven't picked up on it yet, I have precious little with which to fill your stockings this Easter. Odd, isn't it? But I feel like I've been neglecting you, my faithful and handsome readers, a little lately. So I have resolved to feed your ravenous minds with whatever sordid secretion comes from mine. Because you're worth it.

And because so often my best work stems from finding a uniquely wonderful or funny picture of boobs and then just running with it. No such luck today, I'm afraid. So before you close this window and run to the bathroom, let me make good my escape. Have a fantastic Easter. Be good to one another. And for fuck's sake, DRIVE SAFE!

NGDG: I just got a Whatsupp from Mandela. Sorry man, I already have plans.

Spread The Love. Playboy. Centre Spread.

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