Tuesday, April 14, 2015


With great power comes great responsibility.

I prefer some great reward.

I'm trying to tell you that, with my career path on such a sharp upward trajectory, I'm kak busy at work. It's frustrating. I miss the carefree days of discovering all the dark little corners of the internet. And regular posts.
Yesterday, as with so many days of late, I was almost driven to homicide.

Still a better love story than kissing n' platbekpadda upside down in the rain dangling from a streak of spindly silky snot.

I have no idea where I'm going with this. Perhaps I just had a small window of opportunity I needed to use. Which leaves us here. A place where I started something I can't finish. Much like my perplexing adolescent social advances with the opposite sex. I haven't gotten any better, mind you, just luckier.
I remember the last (and probably first) time I ever offered to buy a girl a drink in a bar. Pretty little blonde. Her face contorted into a mask of anguished hatred as she fought her natural inclination to flee and settled for merely telling me to go fuck myself. In hindsight I probably shouldn't already have been holding 2 drinks on a 2-for-1 night. Hideously transparent. Now I just drink both beverages and try not to embarrass The Hot Girlfriend too much.

Oh fuck this is going to be one of those posts. I'll try and steer clear of the politics - both of our beloved country and that of music. The local music scene is having a collective platz again. Actually, I should take this opportunity to inform you of a stomping li'l shindig going down at Mercury on Friday. Kuduchild are celebrating the release of their new single 'Goodnight Lady' and are joined on the night by the incendiary Conduit and the infectious Kraal. Listen to my hooves!
Also, the most amazing line up ever in the history of local music is happening on Saturday. The Sleepers, OhGod!, Wildernessking and Peasant are all flaunting their impressive wares at Club Med. This is one not to be missed. As ever, not able to follow my own advice, I will be doing something else. Don't get me wrong, I'm gutted, but I do have something very important on.

Some days are better than others. Just about to have a meeting with one of my local music heroes. Suck it.

Spread The Love. On The Web. Not On The Couch. Although...

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