Tuesday, April 7, 2015


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It is with great sadness that I must report that I did not go to Witchfest this weekend. The missilitis has been eating me alive, especially with all the reports streaming in about how absolutely mental it was. To be honest, I am really crushed I managed to miss Septic Flesh, maar nou ja. Too late she cried..

It ended up being a good thing. My oldest friend surprised me with "Hey, I'm in South Africa til Tuesday, let's get together for a drink!" He lives in the UK, so I haven't seen him or his wife in many, many years. I'd have missed that.
Then, The Meyer Of Awesomeville and his even more awesome First Lady snuck into Cape Town. We welcomed them with open arms and open beers. And gabbed for a million years. It was, to labour the point... awesome!
Lots of family braais and the usual revelry to fill in all the gaps which you usually reserve for doing laundry, and you have two very exhausted Easter bunnies. Not to mention another drinks session with SimOne.
Another event I'd have been gutted to miss was the rather less celebratory, but it was good to see old friends and reminisce.

When The Hot Girlfriend and I finally had enough time to catch our breath, we made the world's most awesome home made burgers. If pop up restaurants weren't so popular right now, and if outrageously ostentatious facial hair weren't a prerequisite, I'd open up a diner. Any leggy dames out there with their own rollerskates? I'll keep a life time supply of Mycota in the office since socks are frowned upon.

And now I'm back in the office. Long weekends are not long enough. Seems I should have an awful lot more on which to report, or at least more depth into which I could go, but I don't. So I'll leave it at that. Oh bloody hell! What am I thinking! I forgot one of the most important bits.

[Please do not think of a disappointingly short sexual escapade when you read the above paragraph.]

The Hot Girlfriend and I took TDB & MeJulie out wine tasting on Saturday. As we drove past Constantia Village and the traffic came to a complete standstill, we realised our fatal miscalculation. The fucking 2 Oceans Marathon. Not only is that other blog damnably, and infuriatingly, successful - but now the marathon from which it stole its name was blocking my boozing!
Making a sho't left through the mall parking lot and deciding to try and wind our way to Buitenverwachting instead, we were once again (and this time unavoidably) thrust into crawling traffic. At least this time we had the advantage of watching the "athletes" variously jog, walk, trudge, or shuffle past us in the opposite direction. The unearthly masks of desperation, agony and in some cases, numb noncomprehension, were priceless and actually reminded me of my maiden sojourn up my mountain with Commander Conker. Why we do this to ourselves beggars belief.
Buitenverwachting was closed.
Luckily ol' faithful, Steenberg, wasn't.
Following a languid wine tasting there, we managed to make our way to Eagle's Nest where the squeals of delight upon entering could mean only one thing. The Hot Girlfriend found out they had their world famous Viogneur back in stock.
We picnicked. We strolled around the picturesque grounds. We left. All in all a grand day out! Capped off with the obligatory piss up back at my place it was the cherry on top of a great weekend.

"Here I lay me down to sleep, and pray that Witchdoctor will bring Septic Flesh to South Africa again. Just for me... Amen."

Spread The Love. "It Can Leap... THIS Far!"

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