Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good Moaning from the Rat Race

You get good moaning (like when you accidentally hit the right erogenous zone on your girlfriend's undersmile) and you get bad moaning. Like the kind done by just about everyone on the planet. As soon as something doesn't go exactly as anticipated, people start wailing and depositing handfuls of ash on their hessian outfits...

Why? Are our expectations too high? Do we all live in the delusional belief that life is indeed like that lived inside our television sets? Most of us would argue that we're lucid and intelligent enough to know the difference between fact and fiction, but I think deep down everyone is secretly hoping against hope that they are the lucky ones that get the terrific worry-free life with all the trappings. And when it doesn't happen, it comes as a shock.

Oh, and heaven forbid you accept your lot. Then you're branded a loser with no ambition. So the key to success in this life is therefore to work hard, be miserable and always have something missing that you can still strive for.

I want to be a dog. Food, tummy rubs, the occasional walkies and the ability to lick one's own balls. Utter contentment. Wow. You guys read all that crap just to get to the one sentence I was trying to get to...

Spread the love... On a sammitch.


  1. Ha ha! You moaning minnie... there you were just dissing Tino in your "man list" blog and now you admit that he has the best life ever. You bet!

  2. Yes, some animals that do not qualify as dogs also have a good life. You have to admit this Boigz