Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yea verily. And shit. Look! It's a second post for the day!

Earlier I waxed lyrical (and neatly creamed my pants) about my dining experience over the weekend. Had to be done. Also, I was far too busy yesterday to commit any time to you, my faithful and obviously very erudite readers.

But fear not! Here is your second dose of drivel for the day. Duckfaces and all! Thank goodness lack of content isn't lethal. Otherwise the music industry would be out on its arse. And I'd have died from acute "kakpraat" a long time ago, leaving you bereft of my many faults and flaws. Small mercies, I suppose.

Anyway. Today we can have a quick look at current affairs. Your favourite and mine - and the unflagging champion of the disenfranchised - the ANC Yoof Leeg are at it again. Perennially undermining any progressive thinking or proactive governing, this collection of chair lickers seems to have finally cracked it! Their new initiative to house the po', the broke and the terminally handy voting fodder is pure unadulterated genius.

*Note how I can use words like under"mining" and un"adulter"ated without so much as a smirk...

Anyway, putting the "absolute tit" back into buffoonery and skullthuggery, these monuments of modern intellect have strongly suggested, instead of the admittedly slow RDP houses currently being built, that their brethren be relocated to posher digs. They have pretty much demanded 4 - 5 bedroom houses - Rondebosch Common being earmarked in their develop"mental" model. Also, they are seriously aghast that their poorer cadres (read "I'm too lazy or stupid to have gotten into tenderpreneurship") cannot simply be redeployed into swanky residences in Constantia or Rondebosch. They actually included this in their memorandum. The one they failed to hand to Herr Zille yesterday because she wouldn't come out and play. I don't blame her. If someone called me a mongrel whore I'd also tell them to fuck themselves. Only problem is that's exactly the problem. Procreation is being confused - to every one's detriment - with proactive job creation. I blame the degeneration of the English language personally...

Ah politics! My favourite subject. If only...

Oh yes, and there's another picture of our beloved Prez with his Lady Fixer out! Can't wait to see the furore and outrage again.

And, as promised earlier, let's hear it for Mr Neal Goldwyer!
NGDG: The Time-Traveller's Wife. Romantic or a bit pedo? Let's give it another 20 minutes. Considering the only other options are dancing, football and Zuma, I'd give it hours.

Spread The Love. It's A Many Splendoured Thing.

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