Friday, August 31, 2012


There are lots of arse in the words ANOTHER IRREVERENT FRIDAY. You see, I watched Team America yesterday for the first time and was well impressed by the ability of Trey Parker to pull off the vocal performance of Kim Jung Ill without missing ONE opportunity to replace an R with an L. Ok, I was impressed with the entire movie. Being a big fan of Buck Rogers, Southpark, anything irreverent and anything even vaguely anti-American. The garish, bullying part at any rate.

So here we are on this perfectly shitty Friday afternoon and spirits are high my friends! In a few short hours the feet will be up, the beer will be flowing and the Hot Girlfriend will be next to me. Whoohoo! Then it's time to hit the town tonight. Hope I remember to take along the damned earplugs - I normally forget them. Yes, I'm an old geezer, we all know that...
Then tomorrow we brave even worse conditions for a birthday bash at Hooters in Kalk Bay. The birthday girl insists it's merely a coincidental name choice for part of the Brass Bell, but I think it's far more sordid.

But alas folks, there's sad news as well. I have been forced to forego the adventure of a lifetime due to work and short notice. The intrepid Tarty Farty Tequila Party circus is hitching its wagons and going off on a 3 day camping/4x4/braaing/awesome adventure. I was invited. I cannot go. I am going to die of missalitis. I'm going to sound like Esme Everard. I'm probably going to mope the whole of Sunday to Wednesday. So don't be surprised if I am in a gloriously gloomy mood next week. Someone get me some Eeyore pyjamas!

Anyway, let's rather celebrate the good things in life. At least it's Friday and we don't have any of work's encumbrances to deal with. So sit back, smile, light 'em if you got 'em and take a nice soothing listen to my song choice for the weekend. For YOU. For EVERYONE. I love you guys...  Enjoy this little ditty.

Ok, see you all anon.

NGDG: Whoever stole my copy of Ozzy's No More Tears will die a horrible death. Unless it was S***** in Canada. They fact that your wife publishes stories of your impotence on her blog is satisfaction enough.

Spread The Love. Shut Up And Swallow.

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  1. You've only just watched Team America? It's taken you a hell of a long time! What was it like being only person who hadn't seen it? I would have felt quite ronery.