Thursday, August 30, 2012


Pretty apt summation of the horrific degeneration of EVERYTHING. Morals (problems there). Sexual Permissiveness (little less of a problem). Continued animal abuse (huge problem). And people actually believing anything a politician tells them without thinking for themselves (doom for the planet). The real clincher is however, spelling. You know when you watch the news out of morbid curiosity whilst you're waiting for the Sports and Weather... They've always got these messages or comments scrolling at the bottom of the screen. Usually in all of sms brevity's unspeakable splendour. Well yesterday this little gem popped up from a well wisher. "Paralimbians." PARA-LIMB-IANS! Was that done on purpose? Come on!

All this talk of the evolution (wreckage) of the planet reminds me of a discussion I had last night. I was politely reminded of my age. I still burn cds full of mp3s for my car sound system. Actual tangible discs are apparently SO last decade. I kind of agree, but my car radio doesn't have the facility to read USB or beam downloads like the Starship Enterprise quite yet. And all this from a person who just last week purchased a double vinyl LP! Hahahaha! He does have a point though. Mass storage has become a reality and a rather cheap one at that. Now all I have to do - as an aging audiophile - is start the heart wrenching process of retiring my vast collection of hi-fi components that have mysteriously multiplied over the years. Whilst the advanced-function tape decks look pretty, they're just taking up space. Don't get me started on the DAT machine...

Anyway, it's a beautiful day and I think I'll enjoy it by going home, cracking open a cold beer and getting involved in a spot of gardening. Since the garden is so small, this is probably the best way to describe it. That, and I have to go and fetch my car from the auto electrician who, bless his heart, has been reasonable enough in his pricing not to make me regret not having a newer little Korean coke can. I am going to drive the FUCK out of my car this afternoon. Mainly because I have been borrowing the sibling's far more sedate ride and feel like Miss Daisy.

What are you getting up to this weekend? I strongly suggest that you poke your head into ROAR tomorrow night if you're of the slightly more metal persuasion. One of South Africa's legendary drummers has a new band, Hellucifix, and it's their debut show, supporting The Marching Dead and Sexodus, a thrashing tribute band of some acclaim. There were a million people "living the lifestyle" and "feeling the brotherhood" and "being metal" and "fighting the righteous fight" and "upholding the scene" at Metal4Africa's Winterfest. Let's show each other that local support isn't necessarily only a biannual event...
Go to The Thrash Rises for more details.

And see you at the bar...

NGDG: A desk I can see from my cubicle is being prepared for a new staff member. I've been told she's "quite pretty" and I'm not "to freak her out". What if she freaks me out? No one cares about MY feelings."

Spread The Love. Woooooaaaaahhhhhh! Freak Out!

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