Friday, August 3, 2012


Today - on this deliciously Irreverent Friday - I'd like to thank those lovable scamps from K.O.B.U.S for brightening up my life (even more) by delivering this gem. For those of you who don't know, music can be cathartic, a healing medium, something to savour. Whichever way you prefer, you have to admit that music in its varied and glorious forms is never the same thing to different people. You take from it what you do. And the delightful irreverence with which K.O.B.U.S attack your senses is at once a light hearted affair, until you scratch under the surface. THIS right here is the soundtrack to your Friday. I give you the new single 'Drankduiwel'. Amen!

I made the mistake of opening up a news page on the interwebs this morning. Do you know what I saw? (Pronounced "eye sore")

"We Will Shut Down Cape" - ANC Youth league.
Taxpayers to fund "Zumaville"
Man in court for gran's rape.
Famer's alleged murderers caught. (Yes, "Famers")

And my own personal favourite...
Greatest Olympics rowing finish ever.

As for the first few, surprise surprise... I'm nothing if not a patriot and I still believe that this beautiful country of ours can be a great place to co-exist and forge a national identity of unity and mutual respect, but the more I read this shit, the more I think maybe, just maybe, my optimism is slightly misplaced.
Yes, a published headline about "Farmers" was written "Famers". Published!
Then I read about the GREATEST Olympic rowing finish EVER. Fuck me, but South Africans are prone to exaggeration! Congratulations guys! I'm well impressed that you did so well. All hail the conquering heroes! The years of hard work and sacrifice have finally paid off and you should enjoy a well earned accolade or 2. But the GREATEST rowing finish EVER? I watched it. They kinda glided over the water like most of the other competitors, only fractionally faster. I find myself wondering if the reporter who wrote that has ever seen a competitive rowing event, other than the drab cardigan-and-cucumber-sandwich affairs of the movies in the 50s.

Ok, on this Friday night, go out, sniff a few petrol tanks, make fun of young people who can't handle their booze, make bad life decisions, party til you have no recollection, and narrowly avoid arrest for indecent exposure! Basically everything 'Drankduiwel'! Long live rock 'n' roll, basic hedonism and a flair for the dramatic!

Just be kind to animals.
And don't drink and drive.

NGDG: Magic legs for the bridal fantasy. Magic legs for the tow-haired child. Magic legs for the Audi Q5. Magic legs for the house in the Burbs. Magic legs. Making life easy, magic legs.

Spread The Love. And Remember. It's Not Stalking If You're Upfront About It.

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