Friday, August 24, 2012


As in "DEATH!" Ever heard of a little band called SLAYER?

Yes, DEATH, folks! In the cold, unforgiving grip of death... That's where I've been. Although it could be argued that I - like many other men - am a bit of a miserable baby when I'm sick. So I've been off work for some time and then forced to play catch up upon my return. Still feeling a bit the worse for wear, but the show must go on. That is my official response to the 3 people that made comment about my recent lack of blog posts. Bless!

Anyway, who's in the mood for a little catch up? Let's see. It all started in a far off kingdom a long, long time ago. Yes, dear reader, I was at Grand West Arena for One Night In Cape Town, the local leg of the famed Oppikoppi. I was there to interview the honourable Shaun Morgan nee Welgemoed from Seether and Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine. Didn't even bother checking out any of the other bands, mainly due to catching up with a very old friend of mine and partly because of the inevitable game of hurry-up-and-wait, and being informed that the sound was shit. Eventually after standing around like a doos for ever, we were informed that her ladyship Miss Shaun wasn't entertaining any callers that evening. Excuses ranged from having a hangover to something about a daughter or a chick - all perfectly plausible and acceptable, except when you're wasting my time you piece of shit unprofessional cock sucker! I get to say that because I don't have a media to whom I am required to be a suck up. He does. Doos. Not only did he cancel all his interviews for the night, but his performance was as lacklustre as a wet fart. Well done! Way to give back to the very people whose support gave you your big break in the first place.

To be honest I wasn't expecting much form Bullet For My Valentine, in the interview or the performance, especially after having put myself through the delightful experience of some early YouTube clips, but I was greatly and very pleasantly surprised. Matt Tuck is an awesome dude, completely at ease, without any pretence, very professional and extremely polite and down to earth. He gave a great interview and an even better performance. I was expecting the dreaded metal-core dross I'd seen on the internet. Instead we were treated to a wonderfully composed and focused set of decidedly more "metal" than I'd been fearing. At times they were so "traditional" there were even tones reminiscent of pre-Painkiller Priest, believe it or not. I will be the first to admit that they most definitely proved me wrong in my assumptions and I doff my cap to you lads - great show. Still not going to purchase any of their cds, lest my buddies kill me dead...

Then I fell victim to the Lurgy From Hell, which just didn't want to go away, no matter how many movies I watched or how many books I read. Eventually a trip to the doc supplied me with a ton of antibiotics and I'm glad to announce an almost full recovery.

In that time, I managed very little, except to celebrate on as many occasions as possible the Hot Girlfriend's birthday. And since I didn't say so on the day, Happy Birthday Love! Thanks for putting up with a crotchety old geezer.

In other news: recordings are going well on all fronts, a new kitchen cupboard has miraculously manifested itself, my car is buggered, Th' Damned Crows have released their much anticipated first single, South African sport is apparently well (for now), Oscar Pistorius can't make up his mind if he's disabled or not, absolutely fuckall has changed on the world wide web and LordDoom is sitting in a corner dribbling over his new Wildernessking swag.

I will keep my opinions on the miner shootings and subsequent political vulture fest to myself.

And as always, we end off with some timeless truth from the honourable Mr Goldwyer...
NGDG: I want to learn an essential skill like millinery or rhinoplasty so that, if Mars id colonised in our lifetime, I can be on the skilled immigrant's register.

Spread The Love. Not The Flu.

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