Monday, November 12, 2012


A few things that have happened recently:

Some Oriental gentleman was sentenced to what we all vehemently hope is 40 years worth of very unpleasant treatment as a guest of the state. For rhino poaching. To feed the ridiculous demand from the East for larger penises and more virility. They really should just go around our local municipal power boxes. There are millions of traditional doctors offering the very same remedy, along with doing better at your exams and winning the lottery. Also if you wanted a big dick, you could just switch on the telly and watch the news. Doesn't matter, politics, sports administration, whatever.

Apparently the Bieb won some award and the usual "he sucks/she's brilliant" argument has sprung up all over the intrawebnets - featuring the elite of the music lovers among us versus a bunch of mindless, bleeding- heart, tweenie wankers devoid of the ability to think or be discerning about what they are fed. Also, ears. Or eyes.

I had a wonderful weekend in the company of (in chronological order): The Hot Girlfriend, Axxon, Rose Thorn, Commander Conker and the rest of the football lads. We played a wonderful game of football to send off our long time mate as he emigrates to Germany. The football was followed by a braai. Was awesome to see all the old boeps galloping about in the sun.

And now for the sports news. United won. Chelsea didn't. The Bokke won. That's pretty much all that counts.

Really not much more to report on. My life can't always be that exciting. Tonight we make another awfully slow cacophony and drink wine. Brilliant.

NGDG: I started the running again after 6 or so weeks of black-cloudy burnt-out quitterdom. And it hurts like hell. Good. Naughty.

Spread The Love. However Far Away.

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