Friday, November 9, 2012


Now THAT'S a Mo! Thanks Kevin.

Reasons I will not be growing a Mo'vember moustache are well documented. I wrote last year explaining my lack of participation in this most honourable endeavour. I hope my participation in Septembeard was sufficient. Alas, it is for entirely self-centred reasons that I am reticent to end up looking like the bastard lovechild of Legolas and Napoleon Dynamite's older brother.

So, we're on the edge of the precipice, about to plunge into the downward spiral of a weekend! There will be lots of football. There will be braaing. There will be band rehearsals. But most of all, there will be me, The Hot Girlfriend, and no one else. I can't wait!

Alas, the reason behind half of the activities this weekend are because one of our friends has decided to permanently emigrate to Germany. Stranger things have happened. We here at Monster Headquarters wish him and his wife the best. Don't be a stranger!

Wonderful thing about Fridays, other than not having to work on a Saturday, is the early start one gets to the feel good vibe. If you are one of the lucky ones that is aware of Shake Sum Action, they are guys that bring you the legendary parties once a month at Mercury, spinning the best in old school, diesel-soaked punk rock among many, many other things ranging from surf rock to the dreaded and horrible cringe-worthy "rockabilly" although to be fair they don't pander too much to what passes for local hipster music.

[*Disclaimer: I am and always will be against the popularisation of a perfectly acceptable sub genre by second rate rot.]

Anyway, they also have a weekly radio show on Assembly Radio, which is where the feeling good for the weekend starts. Hosted by the ever-charismatic L.I.Am (of Th'DamnedCrows infamy), and a number of illustrious co-hosts, prepare for a rollercoaster of good fun, stomping rock adrenaline to kickstart your weekend.
Tune in. Kick back.... aaaaaand just as I intend closing the chapter on Shake Sum Action, they play 'White Wedding', a song written by Billy Idol. The same blonde who made the heading of this post famous. Incidentally a cover...

I was going to get to Billy Idol. I was called Billy Idol in school, but then if you read the story from last Mo'vember you'd know this already.

Anyway, enjoy whatever sordid activity you assault with your attentions this weekend.

NGDG: If Gordon Ramsay endorses the meat from my local butchery, I can only think the reason it tastes mediocre is because I fucked it up.

Spread The Love. Use Your Imagination.

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