Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Funny. Not a movie by Spike Lee.

Bright lights, big city! It's all really a bit dull, actually. The only bright lights are the ones leading us by the nose - Tommy Lee Jones in Natural Born Killers style - and they belong to our phones and computers. How quickly we've become hooked on these devices, designed to make it easier to experience a facsimile of various of life's functions, not overshadow the real thing. Now we can't possibly imagine a moment without the constant, nagging stream of worthless information about people we should care less about. Anyway, this gripe is nothing new. Many, many more learned commentators on the human condition have often expressed the self same lament. I just thought I'd add my 5c worth. It's a beautiful day in my neighbourhood and I've been outside. So there!

Ah that's better. Not that I'm a fan of the band, but Green Day's 'American Idiot' just put a smile on my face. Speaking of, last night was the first round of matches in the new Champions League. Glory, glory Man United! Even after squandering a number of real sitters, we still put 4 in the net and won at a canter. So did all the other big names, but that's to be expected. Oh, am I rambling about football? You want to hear what? How my anniversary celebrations went? None of your business!

I jest. Of course. There was champagne. There was cheese. There was home made chicken pie. That's about all you're getting. It was awesome!

The rest all marches on as it always does. Half the nation strikes (not a woman or a rock, mind you, if they know what's good for them) while the other half works out how to pay them better or, if you're more like me, how much the strikes are damaging an already ailing economy. Don't like how much you're getting paid? Risk unemployment and beat those that choose to work - sometimes literally to death. I'll be the first to admit that many, many people are being exploited and paid far less than they're worth, but I'm tempted to start RnD on a self help petrol pump for SA. Don't like the mean teachers for giving you homework or the price of free textbooks, should they ever be delivered? Why, the answer's obvious, isn't it? Burn your school down and complain about having to sit under a tree. Our nation will never heal itself, never mind prosper, until the masses start taking responsibility for their own well being. Easier said than done, no argument. Perhaps taking a moment to vote in people who give a shit and are capable of a style of government other than fleecing the proletariat would be a good start. Instead of physically abusing followers of opposition parties. I often marvel at the sheer barbaric brutality of it all. I definitely live in a nice cosy protected little bubble.

It's just a pity that in that bubble I am permanently bombarded with such nauseating info. People butchering and torturing animals wholesale. If you can't get it up, or you're ugly, fuck off and masturbate in the corner. Don't add to the miseries of the world. Not to mention the incredible rate at which we are exterminating each other. I'm all for thinning out our particular herd, but we're culling the wrong ones. It really has become a case of 'Survival Of The Shittest'. Don't even get me started on the mouth breathers that condone all this so called "foreign policy" rhetoric just because the TV told them to. Hitler and Genghis Khan also had foreign policies.

Ooooh, I should just shurrup. Here is a ray of hope in an otherwise dismally dark world. And we haven't even been discussing ESKOM's tariff hikes. Spoken and written word poet, 47, is making Promenade Poetry every afternoon weather allowing this week. Beautiful words for a broken world.

NGDG: Crossfit is deceiving. They should call it Bubble Arms and Fat Arses in Lycra.

Spread The Love. Do Not Kidnap And Shave Cats.

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