Wednesday, September 25, 2013


So, what did you do for Braai Day? Or as it's known in its official capacity, Heritage Day... If you have any South African in you, I bet you lit a fire and tanned some dead flesh. Unless of course you are a vegan, in which case you have both my apologies and my sympathies. Of course WE braaied. On Sunday as well for good measure, after a rather challenging game of 'mountain goat, mountain goat', in which Commander Conker and I ran the long Cecilia Forest route while the rest of the out-doorsy types sauntered along in the mild afternoon sun.

Well. THAT was brief. And now I have nothing else on which to report. I don't think today is a rant kind of day. There is more than enough fuel to get me started, but I'm determined to hang on to my lovely good mood and I'm not going to let the woes of the world spoil it for me. Life is peachy. Ooooh, I went along to a friend of mine who is moving, and cleaned him out completely, walking away with most of his CD stash. I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness for the digital age! I'm currently tormenting my colleague with 'Competition Rules' by our very own grim gothrock favourites No Friends Of Harry. She's not enjoying this one bit...

Let's see, what else can we discuss? Ah yes, to the motherfucker that saw fit to nick my watch, I'm going to find out who you are one day. And on that day I will not hesitate to inflict as much physical harm on your sorry fucking waste of life as I can possibly muster. Same goes for the c*nt who stole my favourite hoodie. And all insurance companies as well. Red tape is a bitch. They effectively force you alter your story so that you can actually make a legitimate claim. Bastards, the lot of you!

And of course South Africa seems to have embraced the public holiday as a reason to "go slow" the entire week. Not that I'm complaining. But jeeeesh, could this day go on any longer? There is sweet fuck all happening and I wanna go for my run now. Before Cape Town decides to surprise us with some evil weather. Speaking of, football on Friday evening was played in the hail. It was awesome! It stung a little, but it was awesome!

Whoohoo! The Hot Girlfriend just popped into my work for a quick cup of coffee. I love my life. The question, however, remains... Run/nap... run/nap... run/nap? Perhaps I'll know with more certainty the closer 4'o'clock gets.

NGDG: Ordinary people would be faintly disgusted to defrost butternut and find chicken drumsticks inside it. The bachelor thinks: 'well, that's dinner sorted.'

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