Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Yup, the magical mystical realm of the GGG is right there, next to the Pooh...

If we added a few more G's - like with anything - more people would care. Or at least care just enough to try and find it. Or maybe they'll just find it funny because it's stupid, adolescent and it looks like 666...

Why I love The Oatmeal. He didn't lunge at the bandwagon like the rest of us half baked, insipid, internet hacks. He waited a few days, allowing the public's obvious knee-jerk reaction to pass, thereby elevating him above the dross-merchants such as myself. And when he finally did make a comment on it, he did so from the best point of view.

Intrigued? Drink me! Drink me!

Ok, let's get serious now for a minute. Today is the day that marks the 2nd full year that The Hot Girlfriend and I have been together. How cool is that? I found someone willing to put up with my shit! I don't know what I did in a previous life, but it must have been something awesomely rad-tastic. I am indeed a lucky man.

It also marks the beginning of Champions League season proper. I have been waiting for this for some time. Mainly because it's the only televised football I can get for free and I'm disproportionately cheap. Which reminds me, I need to go and buy beer. After I've gone and bought stuff for tonight's super special home cooked feast. I'm trying something original and inspiring again - will report back tomorrow if I make it through the night without being chained to the toilet. Or driven to Trauma at Groote Schuur.

The trick to being considered a good cook is the willingness to ply your guests with copious amounts of alcohol before you serve your sordid slop. And, as with anything else, you'll get away with it if you do your lying/stealing/conning with a straight, confident demeanour, as if you're supposed to be doing it. Bald faced con artistry. They can't teach that at Pastry Chef School.

Anyway, today I am afraid I shall have to keep it short and sweet. Duty calls and all that.

NGDG: The world needs more sunsets. And more public hangings. Ford Mustangs and uzis and art expo bannings. There are oilwells unlit and big game unstuffed. Slaps in the face from hands yet to be cut.

Julie Andrews herself could not have said it better.

Spread The Love. It's Easier To Find The Right Place Now.

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