Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Another failed attempt to lure voters into booths.

Yes. South Africa offers its people unique opportunity, adventure and occasionally, a nice view. From an "open air" toilet. We live in a free deur-die-kak-racy and we may use our constitutionally guaranteed right to vote to ensure further progress, or attempt to thwart the rot that has clearly taken deep, deep root in our government.
Whichever way you choose to view the current state of affairs, it is your responsibility to make your little x on the ballot paper. I know a lot of people are bleating about the critical necessity to vote - I was always under the impression that this was a given. Why wouldn't you vote?
Because you can't find a party that shares your morals/values/vision? That just makes you incredibly fucking stupid and naive. I'd invite you to emigrate to New Zealand, but you'd probably fuck that up as well or worse, become an All Blacks supporter (if you aren't already one...).
Or are you just too damn lazy to stand in line to do your small little part for the benefit of the country and all its people? People that include your family, and heaven forbid, one day your foul offspring, should the world be that unlucky.
Or is it general apathy? Do you simply not give a shit? The sacrifices of so many to ensure your right to vote cannot be ignored. Do not belittle this right. It means a lot to the vast majority of the people in this country, and to all those who fought so hard for it. Don't be an entitled little doos. The internet may grant you the anonymous autonomy to "be all you can be" from the shelter of your bedroom or office, but for once do the right thing. Doos.
"But my one vote won't make a jot of difference..." I'm afraid that sentiment doesn't wash coming from a population and generation so far up its own arse that it collectively actually believes on an individual level that they are, to a man, the best and brightest of everyone. I'm number one! Well, no, you're not. But you can't be so self-absorbed, self-important and self-centred and then play the "little old me" card.

Besides, if you really want to go with megalomania, step the fuck aside. Amateur...

It's not about fighting the evil pseudo-imperialism of the Zuma led gravy-train ANC.
It's not about further entrenching the inept kleptocracy simply on the grounds of their venerable past.
It's not about "us" or "them" or any sensationalist bullshit politicking - don't believe the hype.

It's about your right to have your say.
It's about your duty to your fellow citizens.
It's about doing your bit to try and move toward a better future.

Unless you're a selfish, myopic little shithead. Then I hope you choke on your breakfast in bed, while I'm standing in line with my tatty ID book, about to have my thumb inked.

NGDG: Joke-ub Zuma will read anything on the teleprompter. You will get fired but Mr Maharaj, if you don't slip in a "Fuck you, San Diego", you have failed at life.

Spread The Love. Make Your X.

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