Thursday, May 15, 2014


Covers... some good... some great!

Last night was one of the best of my life! I shit you not!
I got to share the stage with actual fucking heroes of mine.

I don't even know where to start! Ok, I lie. I do know. Greg Donnelly, the ex frontman of the legendary Dolly Rockers and my first boss when I started working in the music industry (if you can call the humble beginnings as part time casual in a CD store the "industry") rocked out a few numbers with his current partner in crime - and man of the moment - Anton Marshall. The occasion was a 'Waxing Lyrical' evening at Mercury and Anton invited a bunch of miscreant musicians to collaborate with him to present a number of his favourite songs. Also included in the night's collaborative festivities were Simon Perry, of Them Tornadoes fame and Nick Turner, who I believe was with Sons Of Trout. Both performances were worthy of their respective reputations and I was left awe struck. Not something that happens too easily. Top musos and top blokes! It was, however, Anton himself who drew the wide eyed wonder of those in the audience as he fucking OWNED the Talking Heads track 'Blind'. I was gobsmacked and I wasn't the only one! Oh, and did I mention the rockabilly version of Public Enemy's hip hop classic 'I don't wanna be called Yo! Ni**a'?

Enter Nic Roos - he of the Sleepers and occasionally of Taxi Violence acoustic rumblings. The man is a guitar God! (The fact that, without planning it, I pitched up to sound check wearing a Sleepers t-shirt should put that into perspective for you...) He certainly performed on the lion's share of the tracks, a feat only eclipsed by MISTER Art Pereira, who played drums on pretty much the whole 2 sets. Legends, both! An 8-song Bruce Springsteen medley saw Cami Scoundrel join the guys on bass and once again everyone was left picking their jaws up off the floor as Anton channeled The Boss almost scarily too well. Other artists "given the treatment" on the night included The Waterboys, Hothouse Flowers, The The, Lenny Kravitz, and New Model Army...

Nearing the end, Anton, Nic and Art played a beautiful, haunting rendition of one of my all time favourites, Swans - 'Miracle Of Love', which Kevin Rule and myself bludgeoned to death as we joined in for the end crescendo. All set for our turn, and the last three songs of the night, we then launched into the raunchy Cult hit 'King Contrary Man' before really turning up the musical destruction with Ministry's 'Just One Fix'. And as if that wasn't enough - with a few people losing their fucking minds up front - we finished off with a monumental interpretation of another Swans favourite 'New Mind'...

I have rarely had as much fun.

The new guitar sounded immense. Once again, thanks in bucket loads to the sound and lighting crew at Mercury - they're fucking incredible! Also, to Kevin, Lisel, and L'ux, thanks for having us. But the greatest thanks goes to Anton for inviting us to join him on this magical musical night - it was a personal honour and a privilege. Thank you!

NGDG: Bringing out the winter duvet guarantees a warm cosy night, spent fighting a years' worth of dust from storage.

Spread The Love. Sexy Time! In Hell!

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