Tuesday, June 10, 2014


South Africa has a rich and diverse history. Everyone knows about the political turmoil that choked our future for so long.
Then came the new dispensation, bringing with it a landslide of nepotism, corruption, violent crime and an ineptokracy that threatens to suffocate the very people it is intended to serve. Or at least provide a glimmer of hope at a better life. Apparently all the poor, cold, hungry, uneducated masses require is a few silly name changes. Streets, institutions, memorials, entire fucking towns and provinces, whatever. But now the buffoon driven gravy train has gone one step too far. If the proposed change to "Devil's Peak" is actually allowed to go through, I will personally find those responsible and verbally abuse them until their very souls are so tarnished, no amount of prayer or redemption will ever be enough for them to see the Pearly Gates! Give me 4 "Hail Marys" and a great big "Fuck Off!"

But we also have a wonderful and culturally unique history in the arts. And as one of the arts, music stands out as one of the most successful at having embraced enforced differences and united the people of this land. Even more specifically, the musical underground of this country, whilst never really reaching commercial success because of years of imposed isolation, has blossomed into a serious force to be reckoned with. Our DIY attitude has birthed many a classic/cult band. Our metal fraternity has always been one to present a united front (nevermind localised petty squabbling) and as torch bearers of the metal hordes (I use the term 'hordes' with as much irony as I can muster...) VOD are not only what most consider the Godfathers of SA Metal, but also the most qualified to comment on it - as Francois Blom so eloquently cried "Julle almal se poes!"

For years we yearned for the laundry list of elusive bands to visit our shores. Some of us fortunate enough to be able to travel regaled others with stories of seeing bands in Europe or elsewhere. The internet made the yearning even stronger as we were exposed to more and more. Here and there brave souls literally risked infernal bankruptcy to attempt bringing international bands to our shores. Some succeeded, some failed. The common denominator was always the public. From the same camp of poorly attended shows came the laments and anguished wails of "It's too expensive!", "Why do I have to travel?" and "They're has beens!" And while the rest of us were enjoying the fruits of these brave souls' thankless labour, the dissent was never far behind.

Ever willing to nitpick and poke holes, but never willing to make the sacrifice themselves, there will always be the naysayers. They've always been around. I'm sure they exist in every walk of life. Pessimism is a part of the human condition. Unfortunately I have to experience it in full HD on the fucking internet now. It's all pervasive! And don't get me started on the sorry souls who haven't ventured out of the dark half-light of their bedrooms in years that now all of a sudden have messiah complexes because people they don't know are excited about a band they called eternal dibs on!

Exceptional deeds were never achieved without risk. Be glad the risk is not your own and someone else has chosen to take it upon themselves. Were it not for them, the topic of discussion today would have been "Why does no one ever do anything for us poor fucking metal heads... Oh the humanity!... Oh the awful neglect!"

Roll up your sleeves and politely inquire "How can I help make this the reality everyone hopes it'll be?"

Francois Blom, jy is n fokken visionary.

Take this wee rant for what it is. If it causes offence, then so be it. Perhaps it'll help in the long run.

NGDG: ANC members of parliament have blamed the fattening catering in Pretoria for their astounding obesity. Perhaps Apartheid as an excuse has mileage, but not enough calories.

Spread The Love. Deep Down You Know You Want To.

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